How to Create A Video Conferencing Application Like Zoom?

video conferencing application like Zoom

What is a video conferencing application?

Video Conferencing is arguably one of the best technological developments in the last decade. Not only has it helped organizations in saving time, but it has also been beneficial in saving resources. In this article, we will talk about video conferencing in detail while talking about the benefits of a video conferencing application, and how to develop an application like Zoom, which is arguably the most successful video-conferencing application.


Video conferencing has always been beneficial, but it was not that popular until the covid-19 struck us, and we had to work from our respective homes. The pandemic showed us the value and importance of video conferencing, and as a result, the users on video conferencing apps increased at a huge rate. Not only businesses and companies, but these applications also helped millions of students across the globe with their studies. The pandemic allowed developers to create a video conferencing app. Every social media app development company started developing apps that could be helpful for people across the globe.

Benefits of a video conferencing app:

There are several benefits of a good video conferencing application, and the pandemic has made us look at those benefits. So, let’s talk about all the great benefits of these apps.

• With the help of a video conferencing app, you can get in touch with anyone across the globe. This saves you the time and resources you were going to invest in meeting that person physically.
• Since you are talking to a person through video mode, the communication becomes better. We all know how important clear communication is.
• Video conferencing is faster than any other mode of virtual communication, and which is why it saves us a lot of time.
• We are living in one of the toughest times, and it is better to stay at home than going out. So, video conferencing applications are a great way of interacting with other people without actually meeting them.
• The video conferencing app market is increasing every day, and since the pandemic is not going to end any time soon, the market will keep increasing. So, a video conferencing app with great features is unarguably a billion-dollar idea.

Steps to create a video conferencing app like Zoom:

“How to develop video conferencing app like Zoom?” is one of the most asked questions on the internet, and if you are looking for answers, then we have a piece of good news for you.
We at iQlance Solutions have created a step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to develop a video chat application like Zoom. So, let’s look at the steps which will help you in creating a good video conferencing app.

Research and Analysis: It is always better to research any product you want to create or develop. It goes a long way, as they help you in finding out about everything related to the application and the field. Mobile app developers Toronto believe that research and analysis are some of the most crucial steps in the process of developing an application, and that is why it should be the first thing to do.

UI Design: Every video conferencing app development company in Canada invests a lot of time and effort in perfecting the user interface and the overall design of the application they have been creating. The user interface is arguably the most crucial factor behind the success of any application. If a user finds the interface engaging, simple, and elegant, he/she is more likely to give it a better rating and recommend it to other people as well. So, focusing on the design and overall looking of the application is very important.

Back-end: The design and the user interface are only needed if the back end of the application is perfect. The back end is the coding part of the application, which is responsible for the proper functioning of the application. It is not possible to create a video conferencing application without the back end. However, the back end is one of those parts of an application that is completed at the early stage, and that is why it doesn’t cause any trouble for the developers. It is beneficial to focus on the back end as you’d focus on any other factors.

Cross-Platform Application: Many developers choose to create an application for a particular platform. Several applications in the market are available only for android users or only for iOS users. It is better to create an application that can be used by the users of both platforms. Every developer should create a cross-platform application when they are looking to develop a video-conferencing application.

Testing: It is advised that every developer needs to take all the necessary testing measures to ensure that the application is working properly without any bugs. For some developers, testing is the most exciting part of the entire process because it allows them to see their product being used by people. Testing also points out any bugs in the product, which can be fixed before the product is made available for everyone.

Feedback: Last but not the least, user feedback is helpful in the improvement of an application. So, it is necessary to keep a keen eye on user feedback, and if you find feedback that can improve your app, you should act on that particular feedback.


So, that was our guide on developing a video conferencing application like the highly famous Zoom app. Zoom has managed to achieve some impossible goals in the last one years, and that is why it is necessary to create an application that has all the crucial features and then make sure that the application runs smoothly. A good video conferencing application can go a long way, and it is unarguably the future of virtual conversations. Keep all the above steps in mind while developing the application because these steps will help you in achieving what Zoom has achieved.

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Top 10 Mobile App Developers in Toronto

Top 10 Mobile App Developers in Toronto

Mobile App Development has become the need of the hour for any business to grow and increase their brand visibility in the market. There are hundreds and thousands of app development companies in Toronto who develop applications for different platforms using the latest tools and technologies. When we have various choices available in front of us, the decision to select one among those becomes more confusing. So to make things simple and easy for you we have penned down the list of leading mobile app developers Toronto .

Here is the list of Top 10 Mobile App Developers Toronto:

1) iQlance Solutions
2) OpenXcell
3) Utility
4) Cubix
5) Rippen Apps
6) Zealous System
7) Promatics Technologies
8) Quytech
9) 7Edge
10) Konstant Infosolutions

iQlance Solutions:

iQlance Solutions is an award-winning mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada . with 5+ years of expertise in developing the top of the range applications. They develop applications for different industrial sectors which solves the various lifestyle problems of the people to a great extent. It is considered to be the best mobile app development company in Canada because they adhere to quality deliverables and strict timelines. They believe in adapting the latest trends and technologies to provide the best and modern solution to their customers. They are also renowned for developing customized mobile applications that are incorporated with simple and amazing UI. They have an extremely professional and passionate team of designers and developers that transforms your idea into reality.


OpenXcell is known to be one of the best mobile app developers in Toronto, Cañada for delivering the finest and appealing mobile applications. They are constantly ruling the market by providing cutting-edge solutions to various business sectors. They are continuously evolving themselves to walk along with the trending technologies to provide robust solutions to all the problems. They are highly focused on delivering the best quality work that leaves a great impression of theirs in the market. They have a highly dedicated team of experts who follow all the guidelines and standards from designing to development of the app. They infer to deliver the products on the predefined time by working hard to get the best outcomes.


The utility is among the leading mobile app developers Toronto which is specialized in developing the customized mobile applications’ grab the attention of the customers by delivering outstanding applications with visually appealing UI. They develop applications for different domains by offering the best possible solutions to their clients to increase their brand awareness and productivity. They have a pool of experienced designers and developers who never to fail to amaze the customer with out of the box creativity indulged in the application.


Cubix is one of the top mobile app development company that stands in the competition of the Top app developers Toronto. They have 8 years of expertise in developing the best quality mobile apps. They firmly believe that their work is the foremost thing which has helped them to be one of the best mobile app development company in Canada. Cubix team is continuously trying to ameliorate their skills for offering the finest and easiest possible solution to the customers. They develop amazing applications with highly advanced features that help them to develop a reliable and healthy relationship with customers.


RippenApps is one of the inventive app developers in Toronto who are continuously offering highly optimized solutions to its customers. The design and the functionalities of their apps are being appreciated by the clients over the years. Their team is a perfect blend of skills and passion which acts like a pillar for them. They always try to bring something unique and innovative in their products which helps them to create a long-lasting relationship with the client. They have made their own identity in the market in a short period by delivering the best quality products.

Zealous System:

Zealous System is a well-known and reliable mobile app development company in Canada that develops applications for various platforms using new technologies to meet the expectations of the customers appropriately. They have a highly passionate team of experts who follow a particular methodology in all the projects to avoid any kind of consequences. Their team is highly innovative and creative that can help you to convert your dream project into reality.

Promatics Technologies:

Promatics Technologies is perpetrated to deliver excellent services to its customers by helping them to develop a highly functional application. They are considered to be one of the best app developers in Toronto because of the quality services that they offer to the clients. They design and develop applications that have a huge impact on the minds of people across the world and urges them to use the applications due to the functionalities indulged in it. They have a highly dedicated team of experts who have mastered the skills of developing an outstanding app for different domains.


QuyTech is one of the trusted and renowned app development companies in Canada which is being appreciated over the years for their amazing work. They are continuously delivering the applications with lovable design and flawless functionalities which makes users across the world to fall for those applications. They offer solutions that fit in the client’s budget and help them to grow their business with the help of these apps. They do a deep analysis of the requirement and then make a proper strategy or plan that needs to be followed in the entire development life cycle.


7Edge is a custom mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada whose strength lies in developing applications with the help of the latest technologies that are booming in the market. They have made their name in the market by working hard because of which they have got the place to be among the top app developers in Toronto. They have 10 + years of expertise in developing flexible and efficient mobile applications. Their team of experts is always ready for new challenges that help them to think out of the box and increases their productivity also.

Konstant Infosolutions:

Konstant Infosolutions is among the top leading app developers Toronto who believes in delivering highly optimized solutions. They are well known in terms of developing the best android apps that have let them stand in competition with the other app development companies in Canada. They have a pool of dedicated designers and developers which is the basic strength of their company that can help them to achieve the heights of success.


In today’s world, everything is getting digitalized so is the case with almost every business sector. They are also shifting gradually towards the digital world with the help of the applications. The applications help them to remain available to their customers anytime and from anywhere.

Do you have any thought of developing an application?

If yes, then you don’t need to roam here and there in search of the best app developers in Toronto. We have provided you with the list of top mobile app development companies in Toronto, Canada who will offer you the best possible solutions to convert your idea into reality. You can contact . and discuss your idea with them and you will surely get satisfied with their amazing works.

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