Why use Blazor to Build Web Applications in ASP.NET

What is Blazor?

Blazor is an open-source and newly launched ASP.Net framework that helps develop an interactive client-side web-based application. In this article, we will understand its features and concept about Blazor which will be useful for developers who have skills in ASP.Net, C#, UI development, and custom software development.

Why we should use Blazor to build Web applications in ASP.NET

Blazor is a .net framework that provides plenty of interactive features to develop client-side web UI applications.

To build a web-based application UI developers must know the two mechanisms for the development which are Server-side and client-side.

Server-side development is used to develop back-side programming languages Example:

C#, PHP, and JAVA.

Client-side development is mainly used for client-side Javascript which can be used with Angular,  React, Bootstrap, etc.

To be a successful ASP. Net Core, UI Development, and ASP.Net Development should have expertise in Angular, and React client scripts.

Blazor can run instantly in the browser through WebAssembly. We do not need to use browser plugins.

Blazor apps can run on the server side in .NET and manage all user interactions over a real-time connection on the browser.

Blazor has excellent tooling support in Visual Studio and contains robust UI component model and includes built-in facilities using the below:

  • UI Layouts
  • In-built browser debugging
  • JavaScript interop
  • Forms and validation
  • Dependency injection
  • Client-side routing

Blazor provides event-driven, component-based, and stateful UI programming standards.

Blazor can execute on the client in the browser and it is a realistic solution for ASP.NET UI developers.


Blazor apps are founded on components. A component in Blazor is characteristic of UI, using a page, dialog box, or a web form with a log-in or data entry feature.

Components are .NET C# classes produced into .NET assemblies that:

  • Describe adaptable UI rendering logic.
  • Manage user events.
  • Reused.
  • Distributed and shared as Razor  NuGet packages and class libraries.
  • The component class is written with a Razor markup page using a .razor file extension.
  • Components in Blazor generates as Razor components, can also be considered as Blazor components.
  • Razor is a syntax for integrating HTML markup with C# code invented for developer productivity.
  •  Razor allows developers to switch between HTML markup and C# in the same file with the help IntelliSense programming feature in Visual Studio.

ASP.NET Core Blazor Hosting Models

The Blazor has two hosting models.

Blazor WebAssembly:

  • It is a client-side hosting model and it can be used to execute .Net applications in a web browser.

  • Blazor WebAssembly is a single-page app framework that can be used to develop an interactive client-side web app with a .NET framework.  WebAssembly runs the .NET code within the web browser. 

  • WebAssembly is a compact bytecode format optimized and allows a quicker download with high-performance speed. 

  • It is an open web standard and compatible with all modern web browsers and mobile browsers without plugins.

  • The code written in WebAssembly can access the complete functionality of web browsers with Javascript interoperability that can be considered as JS interop.

  • NET code managed via WebAssembly in the browser that operates the browser’s JavaScript sandbox using with security mechanism and protects it from vicious activities on the client machine.
  • Blazor WebAssembly app is created and run
    • Using razor and C# code files are compiled with .NET assemblies.
    • We can directly download assemblies and .NET runtime to the browser.
    • Blazor WebAssembly bootstraps the .NET runtime and configures the runtime to load the assemblies for the app.
    • The Blazor WebAssembly runtime utilizes JavaScript interop to manage Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation and browser API calls.

Blazor Server

Blazor Server has the capability for hosting Razor components on the server within the ASP.NET Core app. Using the SingalR connection we can handle UI updates.

The runtime remains on the server and operates via:

  • Running the app’s C# code.
  • Transmitting UI events from the browser to the server.
  • Involving UI updates to a generated component they are sent back by the server.
  • The connection operated by Blazor Server to intercommunicate with the browser is also utilized to handle JavaScript interop calls.

Blazor Server apps generate content differently than traditional models for rendering UI in ASP.NET Core apps with Razor views/Pages.

Razor Page or view generates each line of Razor code articulates HTML in text format. After generating, the server disposes of the page or view instance with the state in which it was produced. And if at the same point, another request for the page occurs and then

the full page is rerendered to HTML again and sent to the client.

In the server-side hosting model (Blazor Server-Side), Blazor is performed on the server from within an ASP.NET Core app.

Using SignalR connection helps to UI updates and provides event handling.

Blazor Hybrid

Hybrid apps operate as a combination of native and web-based technologies.

A Blazor Hybrid app utilizes Blazor in a native client app.

Razor components execute natively in the .NET function and generate web UI to an embedded Web View control with a local interop channel.  Hybrid apps contain the following technologies:

Windows Forms: A UI framework that builds rich desktop client apps for Windows-based applications.

The Windows Forms development platform helps a comprehensive collection of app development features with controls, graphics, user input, and data binding.

.NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI): A cross-platform framework for developing native mobile and desktop apps using C# and XAML languages.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF):  This is a modern UI Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) that helps to develop desktop or Windows-based client applications. It supports a wide range of application development components, such as application models, controls, UI layout, security, data binding, documents, resources, and graphics.

JavaScript interop

To develop interactive applications we need third-party JavaScript libraries and access to web browser APIs, components with the capabilities of JavaScript.

With the components, we can use any library or API with the help of JavaScript.

C# code can be utilized with JavaScript code, and JavaScript code can be utilized with C# code.

Code sharing and .NET Standard

Blazor executes the .NET Standard, which allows Blazor projects to take reference these libraries that can be consumed to .NET Standard specifications.

.NET Standard is a standard specification of .NET APIs that are shared across .NET implementations.

.NET Standard class libraries can be shared across various .NET platforms:

Examples: Blazor, .NET Framework, .NET Core, Unity, Mono, Xamarin.

JavaScript interop Use case and Benefits of Blazor

Blazor is a universal and robust web development framework solution entrusted by the top .NET Development Company in India. Below are the various types of use cases of Blazor that can be beneficial to develop robust web solutions.

  • Single-page applications (SPAs): Blazor can build interactive client-side-based SPA applications with less JavaScript code.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): Blazor’s support for WebAssembly allows developers to make PWAs and allows them to develop a responsive, fast, and work offline.
  • Cross-platform desktop applications: Blazor is compatible with .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI) to create cross-platform desktop applications for macOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • Real-time applications: Blazor provides the capability of SignalR for building real-time applications.
  • Line-of-business (LOB) applications: Blazor’s with ASP.NET makes it effortless to build LOB applications and provides the ability to integrate with existing .NET applications and APIs.


We hope that this post has defined the Blazor idea in ASP.net and the reasons for using Blazor when developing Web apps in ASP. We explored in-depth the notion of Blazor’s features and capabilities, as well as its applications in.net, ASP.net, and ASP.net core-based applications. It enhances the robustness, responsiveness, flexibility, and interactivity of your ASP.Net apps, making it beneficial for application designers, experienced developers with.net experience, and anyone who want to learn about Microsoft.Net using C#. iQlance offers more helpful posts like this one. We are a Canadian company that creates customized software and solutions. Are you ready to improve your ASP.NET experience with Blazor? Contact us today to begin a breakthrough journey towards exceptional digital innovation!

6 Must-have Skills to look at before hiring ASP.NET Developers??

hiring ASP.NET Developers

Microsoft introduced .Net 14 years ago, and it has since received 10 significant upgrades. Language support and best practices for user interface design are among the characteristics. .Net is the platform of choice for developers when it comes to creating Web and desktop apps.

A Progress Dot Net developer poll of 100,000 volunteers found that 38 percent of developers believe the ability to build and run cross-platform.NET apps is “great.”

What does.NET stand for?

Microsoft’s open-source framework, .NET offers programming standards for developing a range of applications. The.NET framework includes many libraries, APIs, and languages that aid in the development of applications. With.NET, you can create web applications, mobile applications for iOS, Windows, and Android, 3D games, Azure microservices, and corporate applications, among other types of applications.

Why has the popularity of .NET risen in recent years?

. NET is a widely utilized framework that is expected to remain so in the near future. The following are some of the significant advancements over the past several years that have led to the Internet’s increasing popularity.

Extremely Fast. NET-based websites and apps are often quicker than non-.NET-based websites and applications. This is due to the fact that.NET programmers are compiled rather than interpreted. The term “compiled code” refers to code that has been translated into object code and is then executed. Because translated code must first be read, it is often quicker than interpreted code (as used in PHP).

Possibility of exercising more control over the code:

NET programming languages include VB.NET, C++, and C#. The main benefit of object-oriented programming languages is their more understandable code. Additionally, it is simpler to test and reuse.

A plethora of applications:

Microsoft has always sought to provide developers with the tools necessary to create cutting-edge apps, regardless of the application’s nature or technology stack. Today, .NET is utilized to facilitate the development of a diverse variety of applications. There is something for everyone, ranging from cross-platform responsive web applications and 3D games to corporate applications and cloud-enabled applications.

Because of its open-source nature and cross-platform interoperability, 43 percent consider.NET Core to be a “dream come true.”

As a result, you’ll have no trouble choosing a platform for your next web development project. If you wish to Hire Dedicated Developers, you will almost definitely come across a variety of experts.

They offer themselves as experts in a variety of situations. As a result, you’re left with a plethora of unresolved questions regarding how to evaluate them before hiring them on your project. This is where this article comes into play.

To Hire Asp Net Developers, you should examine the following Six  skills:

Look for the following qualities in Asp.Net developers While hiring:

1 .Net Developer should be well-versed in OOP (Object Oriented Programming):

An important talent to look for when you are planning to Hire Asp.Net Developers is a strong grasp of OOP i.e. Object-oriented programming. Even the most inexperienced programmer should be able to understand the idea of OOP (object-oriented programming). If the candidate has no experience with OOP, he will be unprepared for the position. Inheritance, composition, generalization, and dependence are all OOP concepts.

2. Hire Asp.net Development Company that is familiar with database applications:

Data is an essential component of program development in general, and.NET is no exception. You’ve ended up in the middle of nowhere. The web development team you hire from Asp.net Development Company must be familiar not just with Microsoft’s SQL databases, but also with cutting-edge technologies such as NoSQL. As a consequence, the greater the. Web developers in Canada who are well-versed in the knowledge of the industry will create more performant and improved websites.

3. Client-side knowledge:

Hire Dedicated Asp.net Developer who must be able to create extremely creative, aesthetically appealing, and interactive online programmers. This increases his market worth. Client-side technologies such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and jQuery are required. As a consequence, throughout your consultation, be certain that they are aware of your linguistic needs. This is especially true in this case.

4. In .NET, MVC (Model View Controller) is used (Model View Controller):

ASP.NET MVC is extensively used on the web, where it has mostly replaced a number of competing technologies. As web programming evolves, so, too, should a developer’s skill. Developers may simply create beautiful, quick, and secure online apps with the help of this framework. As a result, this restriction may be considered at the first phases of applicant assessment. This resource may help your developers understand ASP.NET MVC more quickly and simply.

5. Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (Most Valued Professional):

The Microsoft MVP credential is widely considered one of the most coveted available. A.Net developer with the same certification is seen to have leadership potential as well as a high degree of framework understanding. It will also improve the scalability of your company. As a result, if you Hire Dedicated Developers with this skill set, you will be providing a mentor for your objective.

6. Employ.Net developers with the MCSD certification (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer)

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification is highly sought after. This talent is essential because Microsoft invests in and maintains it, which requires two-year refining. As a result, you may use this skill level to improve the quality of your offshore code as an Asp.net Development Company.

What are some of the soft skills that a developer should have?

This section, like the preceding one, applies to Asp.net Development Company of the technology stack. After all, we are social creatures (sometimes remotely). As a result, we need certain non-technical characteristics and abilities that enable us to work with others more efficiently and effectively.

When speaking a foreign language, you may make numerous errors and yet be understood. This is not the case, however, with programming languages. As a result, one of the most important skills that a programmer should have is attention to detail.

We got to this point via hard work and meticulous attention to detail. To Hire Asp Net Developers is a difficult endeavor. The most determined among us, on the other hand, will be rewarded. Beautiful code and apps that are very efficient.

In the meaning of logical reasoning, as defined by mathematical logic. Because programming is built on logical relationships, understanding how it works requires logical thinking.

Collaboration is not as simple as it seems. Teamwork is not synonymous with group effort. Despite the fact that a group of individuals may operate in the same location and do comparable tasks, they are not considered a team until they begin to affect one another’s work. Because of the multilateral impact, successful collaboration is very challenging. So need rises to offshore development and Hire Dedicated Developers

What is the difference between active and passive listening?


Communication is essential for cooperation. Effective and open communication is required. While you may despise small chat, it is necessary at work.

An engaged listener is intent on listening and comprehending the other person, asking follow-up questions, and avoiding misunderstandings. It’s difficult, but it’s also very helpful.

Adaptability to change in a tumultuous environment – for one thing, change is a constant in our world, and for another, needs may change quickly, particularly in agile projects. You don’t want to be late for anything.


It necessitates a willingness to help one another. It also pushes us to enhance our software. Each team requires attitudes such as knowledge sharing and helpfulness.

Problem-solving talents include a broad range of skills and attitudes toward problems. You’ll also need to be able to think critically and creatively.

They will assist you in growing into a problem solver when combined with a proactive attitude.


Not just for developers, but for all Asp.net Development Company, curiosity and a desire to learn new things are essential traits. It will point you in the direction of more effective, creative, and occasionally riskier solutions. Without at least a smidgeon of interest, growth is impossible.

Time management:

The capacity to keep track of one’s own time and work is essential in a broad range of professions, but it is especially important in creative endeavors like programming and software development. This is particularly true if your work has a significant impact on the work of other team members.

In business, there are many more variables to consider. Furthermore, competent developers should be familiar with the sector in which they operate. Hire Dedicated ASp.Net Developers as they will then have a better understanding of the various kinds of business initiatives. It would also be ideal if they were culturally compatible with the organization.


A good attitude, excellent communication skills, an aptitude for analytical thinking, seven-plus years of practical experience, the capacity to react rapidly to application variations, and reliability are all obtained when you collaborate with iQlance solutions for your seamless development process.

When it comes to hire Asp .net developers for your next project, bear in mind that theoretical knowledge alone is inadequate. There is a significant gap between theory and practice. As a result, you must assess their practical ability via an assessment of their previous work.

Are you in search of highly talented and dedicated ASP.NET developers? Get in touch with us to experience a smooth development process with highly experienced developers.

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