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ASP.Net Core technology is being used to develop a collaborative enterprise web application. Technology

ASP.NET is a cutting-edge, open-source web framework designed to facilitate the development of modern web applications and services using .NET. By harnessing the power of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, ASP.NET enables the construction of sophisticated, high-performance websites that are capable of seamlessly scaling to accommodate millions of users.
ASP.NET empowers developers to create desktop, web, and mobile applications capable of running on any operating system. It provides a rich set of tools, libraries, and languages to facilitate modern, scalable, and high-performance software development.

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ASP.NET Development Company

We are a.NET Development Company that specializes in building high-quality solutions using the most recent technology and guarantee end-to-end development products that exceed our customers’ expectations. ASP.NET is a web framework that lets the developer build server-side code logic with the help of C#,, and Javascript languages. iQlance specializes in developing robust and high-quality websites and web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and J#. Additionally, the company excels in building real-time applications by leveraging web sockets and Signal-R technologies. For .Net developers, iQlance offers expertise in utilizing and MVC with either C# or to create highly interactive user interfaces.

ASP .NET core

ASP.NET core is a platform for building various applications using tools, programming languages, and libraries.


SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service)

SSIS is an integral part of Microsoft SQL Server, specifically designed for a wide range of data migration and data integration tasks.



Blazor is a .NET frontend web framework that enables building interactive client-side web UI with C# and supports both clients and server-side logic.



The Azure cloud platform features more than 200 products and services that are designed to assist you in bringing new solutions to life, tackling today’s challenges, and shaping the future.

ASP.NET Web Development Company

ASP.NET Development service from iQlance

iQlance is a renowned development company that offers various services related to developing.Net. Web apps. These include the following

  • Custom .Net MVC development
  • .NET Custom Software Development
  • Net Windows-based Application Development
  • Enterprise .NET Application Development
  • .NET Integration Services
  • .NET Application Migration
  • ASP .NET Web API Development
  • ASP.NET Web Development
.NET Consulting Services

.NET Consulting Services

.NET consulting services offer businesses the resources and expertise necessary to fully leverage the .NET framework. iQlance provides expert guidance for the planning, development, modernization, integration, and optimization of . NET-based solutions.

ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software helps businesses manage and automate their operations, including financials, supply chain management, and procurement. iQlance specializes in ASP.NET ERP software development services to improve operations for businesses of all sizes.

Azure Consultation

Azure Consultation

At iQlance, we offer Microsoft Azure consulting services to help you build a cloud system architecture, migrate or modernize apps, and ensure effective performance. Our experienced cloud engineers will select the most efficient Azure services for your business, integrate and maintain them, and plan system upgrades.

Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team

At iQlance we have a dedicated development of skilled engineers hired by a .Net development company to work on a specific project for an extended period. The team can include software developers, testers, project managers, designers, and other specialists focused on delivering the project within a set timeframe and budget.

.NET Maintenance and Support

.NET Maintenance and Support

Given the fast-paced digital environment of today, it’s essential to maintain and support your .NET applications to ensure their long-term success. With iQlance’s thorough .NET maintenance and support services, you can be confident that your applications will stay strong, secure, and current, freeing you up to concentrate on your core business activities.

ASP.NET Migration and Up gradation

ASP.NET Migration and Up gradation

ASP.NET Core is a modern, completely rewritten web framework for .NET. Updated ASP.NET apps can benefit from improved performance and access to the latest web development features. iQlance offers top technical support to solve our clients’ issues.

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Looking at a wider Spectrum

In the realm of ASP.NET development, we are deeply committed to the thorough exploration of a diverse range of possibilities. Whether your vision entails the creation of robust web applications or dynamic e-commerce platforms, our adept iQlance team is dedicated to delving into the intricacies of your unique ideas. Through this process, we endeavour to craft innovative solutions that meticulously align with and cater to the specific needs of your business.

Looking at a wider Spectrum

Benefits of choosing ASP.Net for Web Development

ASP.Net is compatible with both Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems and it provides an advanced security system with built-in authentication and authorization features to protect websites against unauthorised access and malicious attacks.
The benefits of choosing is that it is widely used and well renowned in the .Net development and development industries. With developers can develop the solutions using C#, F#, Jscript.Net languages. It is easy to define the business logic, create custom functions, manage data, and interact with the database seamlessly.

Benefits of choosing for Web Development

ASP.NET Web Development Process

iQlance uses best practices processes and development methodologies to quickly build cutting-edge technology solutions in a structured and systematic manner.

Below are a series of ASP.NET development steps:



ASP.NET Requirement Analysis

In the Requirement analysis phase, our team gathers the requirements from our clients, understands their business needs, and provides support.

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Idea endorsement
  • Identifying requirement
  • Project execution document


ASP.NET Design

In this phase, our design team creates mockups and crafts ideas to meet the client’s requirements.

  • Initial Prototype
  • Mockup Design and prototyping
  • UI/UX Design
  • HTML


ASP.NET Development

In this phase, we focus on translating the conceptual business requirements and functional specifications into actual code.

  • Reviewing Technical Architecture
  • Code Implementation and Integration
  • Agile Development
  • Analyzing security
User Testing


Quality Assurance (QA)

In this phase, we verify the quality of our applications by conducting various automated test cases.

  • Verifying test cases
  • Executing test scenarios
  • Regression Testing
  • Beta testing
  • Prepare Production environment


Deploy Software Product

During this phase, we are committed to confidently delivering solutions and releasing them to our clients.

  • Ready for Production
  • Analyze or identifying any issue
  • Source code Transfer
  • IP rights Transfer
  • Product Documentation Handover


Maintenance & Updates

After successfully launching applications, iQlance provides top-notch support and assurance to ensure robust, secure, and up-to-date applications that meet our clients’ expectations.

  • Service Level Agreement support
  • Upgrade

Meet Our ASP.NET Developer Team

Myself Hardik. I am Dot Net Developer with having 15+ years of experience.


Dot Net Developer

Myself Ritu. I am Dot Net Developer with having 5+ years of experience.


Dot Net Developer

Myself Nishith. I am Dot Net Developer with having 6+ years of experience.


Dot Net Developer

Our Expertise

As a.NET development company, we are dedicated to creating high-quality solutions that utilise the most recent ASP.NET technology and guaranteeing end-to-end development products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

IOT & Wearables

.Net Core

.NET Core is a new version of the .Net framework developed by Microsoft. It is An open-source framework that can be used to create Windows, web applications, services, and mobile applications and compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Mac, or Linux.

App Security


Microsoft has developed a software package called ML.NET, which includes a comprehensive set of tools and functionality for implementing machine learning models. This package is designed to provide developers with the ability to integrate ML capabilities into their applications with ease.

Apple HIG

.Net security

ASP.NET Core provides a wide array of tools and libraries designed to enhance application security by offering built-in identity management systems and making it easier for developers to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of their applications.

Endeavors That Make Us Proud

We have successfully launched several applications such as ASP.NET, desktop-based and mobile-based applications. . We proudly announce our upcoming plans to develop applications in modern technologies such as AI, data analytics, and interactive UI/UX.

HRMS Development Solution

Stable Hub

iQlance Solutions, a premier software development company, introduces iQlance HRMS – a next-generation HR management solution designed to empower your workforce and streamline your HR processes.

  • Effortless Job Posting
  • Centralized Candidate Hub
  • Streamlined Interviewing Experience
  • Simplified Employee Onboarding & Management
HRMS Development Solution

Inventory Management Software

Stable Hub

The expertly designed software lets you modify your home and floors. It simplifies remodeling and makes your ideal makeover a reality when done well. We value sustainability in our software. It makes low-VOC and allergen-resistant flooring easier to use, making your home healthier.

  • User Management: Securely manage homeowner, contractor, and designer accountsg
  • Customer Management: Track queries and keep a database for easy communication
  • Task Management: Set deadlines for renovation activities to collaborate with your team in real-time
Inventory Management Software

Horse Management Software Solutions

Stable Hub

Our Horse Management Software Solutions are designed to streamline your equestrian operations. Our software ensures that you stay organized and well-informed, covering everything from breeding and boarding to health and competition records. Streamline your billing process, effortlessly monitor expenses, and efficiently oversee horse care – all within a user-friendly platform. Stay focused on your top priority – your horses – with iQlance as your trusted partner.

  • Customized Platform
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Enhanced Functionality
  • Security-Focused Approach

Logistic Mobile App Solutions


iQlance delivers powerful logistics software solutions. We empower businesses to optimize their supply chains, automating tasks, streamlining operations, and ensuring real-time visibility. Our software reduces costs, boosts efficiency, and enhances customer satisfaction.

  • Engaging User Interface
  • Clear Information Display
  • Responsive Design
  • Intuitive Navigation

Travel Wallet

Travel Wallet

Travel Wallets are brought to reality to find the best discounts in town while supporting your local businesses in the community and redeem your instant rewards. As this app provides 2 for 1 discount deals for Accommodation, Food & Drink, Museums & Galleries, Theme Parks & Attractions, Beauty & Spa, Fitness & Sport and much more.

  • Big discounts in many shops
  • More Savings
  • Coupon Sharing
  • Invitations
  • Rewards
Travel Wallet



Studelicious isn’t just an app; it’s a comprehensive solution that caters to your diverse needs. Our website takes this experience a step further by offering you a clear and intuitive interface to explore its dynamic features.

  • Accommodation Booking
  • Food, Grocery, and Alcohol Ordering
  • Job Bidding
  • Therapist Booking
  • Tutor Booking
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Our rich portfolio justifies that, we are one of the best app and software development company in USA.

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Leading offshore web, mobile, and development organization

As a leading ASP .NET development company, we provide .NET framework solutions that have become popular choices for developing business applications due to their versatility, scalability, and robustness. We provide support for various tools and technologies that allow developers to create efficient solutions for various business needs.

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Industries We Serve

At Development Company, we offer services in multiple industries today, such as below:






Media & Entertainment

Real Estate

Real Estate










Travel & Hospitality

Oil - Gas

Oil & Gas

Technology Stack



React Native


Augmented Reality



Objective C

Cross Platform



Angular js

Angular JS

React Js

React JS
















Node .JS









Google Cloud







Why Choose iQlance as an ASP.Net Web development partner

iQlance offers ASP.Net which is both robust and industry-specific development solutions. We have a team of expert ASP.NET and C# developers who are well-versed in the latest technologies, user interfaces, and methodologies.We offer a custom solution as per our client’s requirements such as

  • Document management systems
  • Content management system
  • E-commerce based applications
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Online Shopping cart
  • Travel Booking System
  • Event management system
  • Banking and investment system

Why Companies Partner With Us

Transparency and Integrity

Transparency and Integrity

We at iQlance offer complete solutions for gathering requirements and developing, and deploying applications. We provide diverse opportunities for developing applications across various industries and domains.

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

Our dedicated team at iQlance provides support 24/7 and in all time zones and handles our clients’ inquiries. Once we start a project, we have a dedicated team that discusses it with clients and stakeholders, collects all the queries, and designs the solution based on them.

 Transparency & Integrity

Client Satisfaction

We at iQlance believe in giving our customers a solid experience and providing the best solution based on their feedback when using our solutions.

Fixed Cost

Fixed Cost

iQlance cannot alter the development cost to meet the client’s requirements. Each model on a project has a specific cost that cannot change. We offer solutions that are interactive, scalable and perform better.

Looking to Hire Dedicated Team?

We are team of talented, experienced, and certified designers and developers. Let us build something extraordinary.

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Client Testimonials

Our customers across the globe acknowledge our resolution to produce industry-enabled focused technology solutions, as well as our flexible and scalable processes.


The current sandbox product has demonstrated reliable performance and smooth navigation in initial testing, thanks to iQlance’s technical skills. Their willingness to incorporate feedback and consistent responsiveness continue to boost productivity.

Verified by

iQlance’s mobile app received positive feedback from people that interacted with it in the development stage. iQlance communicated quickly, frequently, and over several different platforms.

Verified by
Gregor I
Gregor I

iQlance is absolutely a topmost company to avail web design and development. From past many months, I was roaming around in search of the best & reliable web development organization and then I found it as a true business partner

Verified by
Gregor I
Stephanie A
Stephanie A

Their developers were skilled, and they helped us to integrate development with UI design were necessary. They were able to respond with high flexibility to the development model we requested. They did an excellent job. Their mobile app developer and UI designers are very expert. We can hire them again for future apps development…Thanks

Verified by
Stephanie A
Dubie B
Dubie B

iQlance was a great team to work with. They were able to meet our timeline. They are great at technology, they know what they are doing. It has been a great experience overall.

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Dubie B

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, We can migrate legacy .NET software to .NET Core. Below are the steps we can use during the migrate legacy ASP.NET project to ASP.NET Core:
  • To upgrade your .NET framework, you need to install the Visual Studio extension called “.NET Upgrade Assistant”.
  • Open your ASP.NET project in Visual Studio
  • To upgrade the desired project, please right-click on it and select the “Upgrade” option from the menu.
  • Please select the option for “Side-by-side incremental project upgrade”.
  • Select “New Project” to create a project or select “Existing Project” if you already have one. Click “Next”.

Below are some advantages of utilizing ASP.NET for developing enterprise applications:
  • Scalability:ASP.NET is designed to handle increased loads as an organization grows, without requiring any significant changes to existing applications.
  • Security: ASP.NET boasts a highly secure application environment, replete with robust security features that cater to URL-related vulnerabilities.
  • Performance: ASP.NET Core offers excellent performance, flexibility, and scalability, which ensures efficient and reliable application development, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: ASP.NET is a cross-platform framework that offers excellent options for developing a web presence, making it an ideal choice for enterprises.
  • Easy to use and maintain:ASP.NET is a user-friendly and easily maintainable framework for web development.
  • Extensive support from Microsoft: ASP.NET offers 24/7 support from Microsoft tech live teams who can address the real-time issues of customers

No. The Non-Disclosure Agreement signed at the beginning of the project with each of our clients ensures security of the clients’ ideas.

ASP.NET is a powerful tool that can confidently create dynamic websites that are mobile-responsive and perform exceptionally well on mobile devices.If you’re looking to create mobile-friendly websites using ASP.NET. There are plenty of straightforward steps that developers can follow to ensure that their websites are optimized for mobile viewing. I would highly recommend utilizing frameworks like Bootstrap for optimal results.
  • Take best practices and test throughout multiple devices
  • Use DevExpress ASP.NET controls to convert standard controls to mobile-optimized versions.
  • You can enhance your mobile device detection by utilizing the open-source class library.

outsourcing ASP.NET development services is an excellent choice as it offers a multitude of advantages. With this approach, you can access top-notch expertise, enjoy cost-effectiveness, and easily scale your operations. Additionally, outsourcing allows for flexibility, risk mitigation, faster time-to-market, and access to the latest technologies.

There are various types of .NET applications that include web development, mobile solutions, desktop-based applications, cloud-based, gaming applications, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. This is what makes .NET and technology unique.
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