Best Food Ordering Apps to Watch Out For In 2019


You are working on your assignment at midnight and suddenly you want to grab some bites. You look into the fridge and find nothing. What will you do? Traditionally, you would have made something for you in the kitchen, but in the tech-savvy and digital world, you don’t need to put such efforts as you can order your favourite dish online and it will be delivered to your doorsteps in just no time. Food ordering apps are here to stay and for a long period. Digital experts claim it the future of the food and restaurant business and it is not an overstatement at all.

Let’s check out some facts to make the claim more convincing:

  • As per the report shared by GloriaFood, the percentage of users ordering food online has almost doubled.
  • 86% of consumers use food ordering apps at least once a month.
  • 93% of Generation Z and 87% millennials are very much satisfied with the ordering and delivery services.
  • Consumers who have used ordering and delivery services are likely to order again within 60 days compared to other walk-in customers.
  • By 2020, restaurants that don’t offer online ordering and delivery services are likely to lose 70% of their customers.

What do these stats reveal?

It simply depicts that online food ordering apps are getting popularity across the globe. There are many advantages of such food ordering apps. First of all, it saves time and efforts and also, you can save some money by leveraging those discount coupons and deals almost all those apps offer. No matter you want to order from a wide variety of cuisines for dining, you will get fresh, sizzling food delivered straight to your doorsteps.

In this article, we will discuss best food ordering apps that have carved a niche for themselves in the world with their unique and dedicated services and unparalleled designs, features and functionalities.



Caviar is one of the most downloaded food ordering apps that covers 21 major cities and markets and available for both- iOS and Android version. There is a wide range of restaurants with menu cards and you can select as per your preferred cuisines and favourite dishes.

Once you download the app, the app will ask for your location permission. The app will quickly fetch all the restaurants located near your location. Then, you need to add your preferred home or office location address where you want your order to be delivered.

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One of the best features of the Caviar is its superior design and smooth navigation. It is very easy to find restaurants and order food. The search menu is also simple and you can easily find with relative keywords.

There are amazing filters you can apply with Caviar too such as free delivery, delivery under 30 minutes, staff picks, trending dishes, new restaurants. Healthy cuisines and many others. It will help you to make a perfect cuisine choice as per your preferences and taste.

Also, you can track your delivery by allowing push notifications too. With real-time GPS, you can check out the delivery location too. The app is for you if you want everything simple yet splendid.



DoorDash is one of the most preferred food ordering apps in the USA and Canada as it covers more than 1200 cities with local restaurants and all the major national food chains. It has a list of estimated 110,000 restaurant menus. It gives you more options to choose from.

DoorDash is a beautifully designed app that will surely mesmerize you instantly. With smooth navigations and feature-rich functionalities, it will surely make your app experience better and superior.

There is a wide range of restaurants available there to choose from including specially curated collections such as Try Me, Free Delivery, Special offers for Today, Featured Partners and others. Even the photos of the food items will entice you to order quickly.

If you click on any restaurant, the page will feature the best popular cuisines and the menu underneath. Also, you can order for drinks too. It also covers most of the liquor establishments too.

The app is available on both- Android and iOS versions.

Also, one of the best features of DoorDash is that it does not ask you to order for minimums like other competing apps. It is the feature that makes DoorDash unique in its own terms.



Who is in this world who have not heard the brand- Uber? Uber has launched UberEats to facilitate users with online ordering and delivery services from a wide range of restaurants and food chains.

If you have your own Uber account, you can use those credentials to sign in into UberEats too. To fetch local listings, you need to allow the app to access your location too. UberEats has more than 40 million monthly active users across the globe, depicting its popularity in the food ordering industry.

In a short span of time since its inception in 2014, UberEats has gained worldwide fame and reputation by its unique services available across the globe. One of the most popular features of UberEats is its ability to deliver in just no time.

Furthermore, if you want to order food from a restaurant located far from your location, it is possible with UberEats. It also allows you to track the delivery with real time. It is also available in both Android and iOS platforms.

Also restaurant categories such as New on UberEats, Popular near You, and others will help users to find best cuisines from the best restaurants. You can also pay with your Uber account.



GrubHub is a renowned name in the food ordering and delivery industry with its seamless features and services. Founded in 2004 in Chicago, there are 95,000 restaurants featured on the app and the total number of GrubHub active users per day is 423,200. It covers more than 1,700 cities and is a name you can rely on when you are looking for quick grabbing.

You can download Android and iOS versions as per your smartphone, signup and start using it. You will be fetched with all the restaurants located near to you with their special cuisines details and other discount offers and deals.

The GrubHub is a feature-rich app and is well-designed and has an impressive layout and navigation. The restaurant pages cover all the popular items and menus. Also, the page covers reviews, opening and closing hours of the restaurant and promotional offers.

If you want one reason to use GrubHub, it is no delivery charges except restaurant delivery charges on any cuisines. It also accepts different payment options such as debit/credit cards, Apple Pay, Amex Express, Venmo and PayPal.

You can also track your order once you have ordered.



Eat24 is owned by GrubHub and is available for both Android and iOS versions. You can order food from nearby restaurants and also can get exclusive deals on your orders. It was previously owned by Yelp.

It offers 50 types of cuisines to choose from just like GrubHub and get delivery at your doorsteps quickly.

One of the exceptional features of Eat24 is its dining community where you can check out ratings and reviews of participants and furthermore, you will also get order recommendations for each restaurant too. If you are confused about food orders, you can be helped out by them.

One of the drawbacks of the Eat24 is that it is a replica of GrubHub. If you are already using Grubhub, you will not find anything new in it. If you have to choose one, go for GrubHub.



Foodpanda is a reputed food ordering app that has a presence in almost 43 countries. It has a user-friendly app design and navigation that a rookie can operate too. Once you sign up, you will get a list of restaurants located near to you and with the budget filters, you can order your favourite dishes easily.

One of the most important aspects of Foodpanda is its quick delivery. You will get quick delivery of your order than any other Food delivery Apps. It is the reason Foodpanda is one of the most downloaded apps in this category. Also, it has more restaurants and food chains associated with it than other major food ordering apps.

Founded in 2012, the company has a database of more than 40,000 restaurants from various cities and states. It also comes up with different promotional offers, coupons and deals to make the user experience more superior and happening.



Postmates is one of the most rewarding food ordering apps that has not limited itself to just food ordering and delivery, but into ordering and delivery of groceries, alcohol, gifts and other such items. It is also available in Android and iOS versions and has unparalleled design and layout.

You can sign up with Facebook or your email and start browsing local restaurants, food chains and other stores in your area.


There is a specific fee you have to pay for each order. Also, there is an offer called Plus Unlimited for $10 a month. If you order for more than $25 from selected stores and restaurants, you can get free deliveries under this offer.

Postmates is available in more than 90 cities in the USA and also in Mexico City.

Furthermore, you can access Postmates services 24/7. If the grocery store or restaurant is serving you at any time of the day or night, you can use Postmates for services.

Though you have to pay the delivery fees for each order, Postmates compensates it with excellent promotional offers and discount coupons available for most of the orders.



Seamless is one of the most talked about food ordering apps in the United States and offers services in more than 600 cities in the United States. It is also owned by GrubHub and like Grubhub, it fetches some of the best cuisines from different food chains and local restaurants to your doorsteps. The app is a feature-rich and well-designed and has convenient payment options too.

It is a very streamlined app and you can search, find restaurant and order in just a few clicks. However, the discounts and coupon offers are lucrative and you can end up saving a huge amount.

It offers just 25 cuisines types, very less than its sister apps such as GrubHub and Eat24. All the features of GrubHub are available in Seamless and if you are already using Grubhub or Eat24, you can avoid installing seamless.



Delivery-com is also one of the most brilliant apps that have carved a niche for itself by adding delivery services for groceries, alcohol and also dry cleaning from the local dry cleaners.

You can toggle from delivery to pick up in the app as per your preferences. It is available in the Android and iOS versions and is present in most of the cities of the USA.

The application is well-curated and designed and it is very easy to toggle between grocery, alcohol, food and other services. Also, if you are new to the city, Delivery-com will show us the best cuisines, restaurants and famous local dishes to choose from.

The app is free, but there are chances that the restaurants will charge some fees along with order minimums.

Also, you will earn some delivery points with each order that can be redeemed to earn credits on future orders. Furthermore, you will also get in-app discounts on orders too.



GoPuff is not just a food ordering app, but a full-fledged app that offers a wide range of products such as phone chargers to bathroom soaps to adult beverages to vaporisers. Not just that, they also offer delivery charges too. Download the app and start browsing the database of all the items.

The services are available in all the major cities of the USA including Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, New York, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, Chicago, and other cities.


There are no charges of using the app, but the app charges $2 for delivery. If the order is of more than $49, the delivery is free.

Right from getting great deals at your favorite restaurants to exploring scrumptious restaurant recommendations from top-rated chefs, you will find the right application that is just waiting to assist you to elevate your next dining experience.

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