10 Reasons Why you should choose Microsoft .NET Framework

10 Reasons Why you should choose Microsoft .NET Framework


Microsoft .NET presents the best recommendation for an extensive level of industries. We can develop various types of applications, such as desktop and web-based applications, using different frameworks. It provides a more secure and best robust solution. It provides benefits to the customers using the best interactive dynamic features with the most reliable user interfaces (UI) experience in more simple and easy ways. In this article, we will understand how Microsoft .Net framework is beneficial to the business and why we choose the Microsoft .Net framework, and how it’s useful to the developers.

Features of Microsoft .net Framework

.NET is based on an Object-Oriented Programming Module. OOP is an application evolution model that provides the breaking down of software into easy manageable smaller pieces. OOP compartmentalizes data into data fields and describes objects’ behavior through the declaration of classes. Object-Oriented Programming Module simplifies by making the code manageable, respond to recurring issues, and easier to test.

It helps to reduce necessary programming and provides smaller coding for developers. It provides the best improvement of the performance and helps better productivity.

Visual Studio IDE
In visual studio, we have an Integrated Development Environment which provides an easy way to develop, debug, test, and publish the application in more manageable ways on different platforms and OS such as IoS and Android.
Below are the important features of Visual Studio IDE:

  • It can build the solution using several programming languages
  • It is a single .NET solution where an application can develop with multiple programming languages.
  • It enables the ability of an interactive code editor using inbuilt Intellisense and code refactoring
  • Compilation technique using the pre-defined configuration.
  • Supports to the developer for debugging the code using the Debugger feature
  • Provides the performance tool feature, which can give the application performance details.
  • Provides the Azure data lake and Azure Dev space tools, which allow the application to connect with the Azure cloud.
  • Cross platforms feature allows an application to run on different platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • It helps to run the application on multiple browsers and also provides the work in online mode.

Cross-language compatibility
This feature provides the functionality of reusability of the code with different languages such as VB.net and C#, For example, we can take reference of the DLL of one project solution which is written in VB language and can add the reference in C# project. It improves the performance of the applications.

Security and Safety
.Net development framework is widely being used in various industries. From public sectors to Private MNCs and maintains the security rules. It has the two essential features CLR and Managed code, which provides core security protocols such as role-based security and code access security.

  • Role-based Security: It provides the two types of security enforcement of Authentication and Authorization. Authentication verifies the person’s identity with the username and password.
    Authorization defines if the user is eligible or not to access the application based on the security standard.
  • Code Access Security provides the restricted code protection rule to the user. It allows the code scanning standard with the help of CLR. Using it if the code is passed and matches all the criteria, then it will allow running, or if it fails, then it will throw the security exception.

Language Interoperability: .NET Framework has the advanced feature is the Common Intermediate Language (CIL), which compiles the code in run time with the common language runtime. Using this code written in one language can be accessible to different programming languages.

Multitargeting: NET Framework provides the Portable Class Library feature using this developers can build assemblies that can perform in various .Net Framework platforms For example Windows 10, Windows Phone, and Xbox 360.

Memory Management:  .Net framework provides the capability to clean and release unnecessary memory consumption with the help of Garbage Collector (GC). The Common Language Runtime (CLR) handles the allocation and deallocation of a distributed object in memory. GC renders the functionality of the garbage collection, which cleans the unused objects which are not being used in the application code.

  • Rapid development: Dot Net framework provides the fast code publish deployment, it gives the features of code to publish on various platforms such as Azure App Service, App service Linux, Azure virtual machine, and IIS. As per the requirement, user can create their own profile and publish the code on a specifically selected platform.
  • NuGet. It provides to the add the packages and libraries and add the reference in the solution, as per the requirements developers or project owners can add the packages with the specific version and install it, For Example Log4Net is the library which we can use in our solution for maintaining the logs, for adding this developer can go to Manage-Nugets and search it can add the reference.

Microsoft .Net Framework and Libraries:

.Net Framework presents the different libraries for application development. For example, Web-apps are specifically for the ASP.Net-based application, which comprises several types of solutions.

  • Micro-service (Restful services HTTP services) API ASP.net web application.
  • Web-Applications using MVC
  • Angular Project Template for creating ASP.NET application
  • React Project Template for creating ASP.NET application
  • for data access ADO.Net, for the Service-oriented types of Apps Windows Communication Foundation.

Advantages of .Net Framework for your Business

The .NET Framework is a distributed performance environment that accommodates different services to its real-time running applications. It comprises two major components:

  • Common language runtime (CLR): which is the performance engine that handles the running applications.
  • .NET Framework Class Library: we use this library for the different testing processes along with the code sharing and reusable techniques, which help the developer use their custom logic code in different applications.
  • Microsoft .NET framework: Is extensively used to develop applications in various types of operating systems. Below are the sectors and products we can explore and start using it.
    1. Manufacturing
    2. Supply Chain
    3. E-Commerce
    4. CRM based applications
    5. Product life-cycle management
    6. Accounting and Finance
    7. Mobile-Based applications
    8. Gaming
    9. The Internet of Things (IoT)
    10. Cloud-based Application
    11. Data analytics/Visualizations
    1. Manufacturing
    2. Supply Chain
    3. E-Commerce
    4. CRM based applications
    5. Product life-cycle management
    6. Accounting and Finance
    7. Mobile-Based applications
    8. Gaming
    9. The Internet of Things (IoT)
    10. Cloud-based Application
    11. Data analytics/Visualizations

10 reasons why you should choose the Microsoft .NET framework

Here are the important benefits of using the Microsoft .NET framework why a developer should prefer to use it.

.Net supports plenty of programming languages. Before starting the development, developers should have fairly knowledge and experience about the object-oriented programming (OOP) model. This model has the capability of the divide the complex problem into small objects. On that basis, the developer can define the interactions and behaviors of each object, and these objects can perform independently, as per the defined logic. This model is easily maintainable and flexible.

.NET is a comprehensive framework with extended libraries, and developers can use different reusable code in their applications.

This mechanism provides a faster turnaround time and provides the best result to the users in shortening the time.

.NET provides an extensive level of a range of languages, which includes C#, C++, F#, JAVA, JavaScript, Python, Query Language, Typescripts, and Visual Basic. We can consider it as language-independent. This mechanism we can acknowledge as Common Language Runtime (CLR), which handles the unique features of the framework, which includes the security capabilities.

Developers can build and manage outputs in various environments using the framework among mobile and desktop-based devices.

.NET framework provides the capability of executing the applications in various types of platforms, which includes:

  • Linux
  • OS X
  • macOS
  • Xamarine Android
  • Xamarine IoS
  • Windows Phone

These platforms are available in Visual Studio 2019, as per the project requirements, developers can work on the application with the portability of these platforms.

Extensive Microsoft Visual Studio community
.Net has the highest rank as per the Development survey. As per the survey reports, they have recognized it as the successful modern language with the best framework-designed solutions, from small scale to large scale many organizations using it. There s many organizations that hire .Net developers in India and overseas locations.

On that basis, it has a large community. This community helps to connect developers and experts who share helpful resources and conduct online forums, and with great discussion.

. NET provides the most reliable security models to protect the project. It has the two important features of Code-access-security and Role-based security, these features protect the application from untrusted files and restrict unauthorized users. These security models provide the set of rules to restrict external users.

Reliability and Easy maintainable
.NET is being in demand in many types of businesses and organizations in distinct divisions. Many .Net development and software development companies adopted the net solutions. It allows reliable solutions and better scalability and accommodates the business needs. Developers can write less code using the inbuilt Intellisense and can efficiently optimize the code. With the capability, they can easily complete their work in a quicker time.

Cloud-Based Web Application Development Support
Using .Net, we can develop the application of cloud-based applications. This set-up can be easily possible in visual-studio 2019 IDE, and developers can deploy the application in the Azure cloud with the easy publishing process. Visual Studio developer tool provides plenty of Azure features which we can integrate into the solution.

In real-time, we can get the live data, and gather it and get it and store it in the database. With this capability, we can get the SingalR feature, which is advanced and can be used to get real-time data with certain use-cases. Using SingalR is an open-source library, here we no need to host it in the solution., it’s basically for the load-balancing and has the scalability feature. After implementing this when the user refreshes the page it gets the real-time data.

Docker is the image file. .Net can quickly execute the Docker container, which provides the images of Docker and publish them in the Microsoft Container Registry (MCR). It combines it into a repository, this repository includes the images of various types of NET (SDK or Runtime) and Operating Systems(OS).

DevOps using GitHub
DevOps is basically about when developers and operations come together as automation, we can consider it as DevOps. GitHub provides your source code depositories to automate deploy the code using continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

.Net Visual studio solution enables the option of Add to Source Code using Git. This feature allows you to connect with your Gitlab path of using publish your code to GitHub. Using Dev-ops, developers can set up and configure their own pipeline, and using it they can overcome the manual operations.


We hope this article helped you with understanding the concept of 10 Reasons Why you should choose Microsoft .NET Framework. Here we understood the concept of the .Net framework along with its features and benefits. This article will be helpful to professional developers from.Net developers, application architectures.

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