What’s new in Microsoft .NET 6

The Latest Features in Advanced DotNET 6


Recently on November 8, 2021, Microsoft released the .NET 6.0 framework that is more advanced and has plenty of features, and provides the capability to perform in various operating systems. In previous versions, we have seen it supported in (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android) now in 6.0 they established it in the latest operating systems such as Windows Arm64, iOS/tvOS, macOS Apple Silicon. It enables robust themes and templates on mobile, web, desktop, console games, and the Internet of Things (IoT).In this article, we will understand .NET 6.0, NET Core 6.0, and its latest features.

What’s new in .NET 6.0?

Microsoft releases the .Net 6.0 framework for the extended term basis for three years. It supports migrating your existing applications of NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5 versions into the newer .Net 6.0 versions to developers in a more simple manner way. It provides many levels of improvements we compare it from its previous versions on the interactive functionality, usability, scalability, best performance, and security enhancements. It can make life easy for developers to write the code in more efficient ways in daily work activities. They can easily do a smooth deployment and can also reduce the extra expense in production.

Here are the latest features in Advanced .NET 6

  • SecurityHot Reload, which implements if the code changes to be accessed here, we no need to restart the app and it can also skip restarting or rebuilding your application into a current change during its in running mode.
  • Enrichment of Visual Basic and C# in the Visual Studio experience and easily manageable with latest Windows from interactive project experience.
  • Most excellent performance is considerably enhanced and crossed the board comparatively to previous versions with less memory and latency consumption.
  • In .NET 6.0 C# extends 10 new language enhancements using F# with its latest features.
  • Advanced Source generators with smart intelligence and analyzers
  • Best guidance and support for representative links in Fie IO.
  • Upgraded features
  • Most beneficial capabilities of high performance of JSON APIs using a source generator for the serializer.
  • Most advancements of Cloud diagnostics using the OpenTelemetry and dotnet monitor capabilities features are established in the production and available with Azure App Service in Azure portal.
  • The ability of Minimal APIs which were introduced earlier version on ASP.net Core on. net core, we integrate it into more simplify getting the best performance improvement of HTTP services.
  • Blazor has the facilities for executing the components from Javascript and capabilities, and we can merge it with existing JavaScript-based apps.
  • WebAssembly AOT feature which provides the compilation for Blazor WebAssembly (Wasm) apps, using with the help of native dependencies and runtime relinking.
  • The ability of Single-page apps feature from the ASP.NET Core provides a more manageable model that can be applied with React, Angular, and other modern frontend-based JavaScript frameworks.
  • Integration of HTTP/3 features using HttpClient, ASP.Net core and grpc (i.e gRPC is the convenient, lightweight transfer protocol from Google) and it all can communicate with HTTP/3 clients and servers.
  • File IO provides the assistance of various symbolic connections that have considerably enhanced performance, including a re-written from-scratch FileStream.
  • Feature of Single-file apps (extraction-free) can be distributed for Windows (earlier only Linux), Linux, macOS.
  • IL trimming this feature provides intelligent and efficient ways with the help of smart analyzers, which provided the more guaranteed accurate conclusive outcomes.
  • Source build allows businesses like the Red Hat feature to develop .NET from the source and contribute their specific builds to their users.
  • Integrated automated templates of the web, MVC, along with Package Validation and Compatible Frameworks
  • Top-level Statements template can reduce the code
  • Global Usings Using this keyword, you can determine global usings for the entire application in a particular file that will accommodate with (e.g. usings.cs). Using this cs file application can be more explained in more simple ways. C# designers can use this without the removal of vertical consumption.
  • Implicit using directives: This feature provides automatically imports a collection of using from the particular project type. As a result, for a specific project type, an absolute set of global using is determined, so we no need to define separately in each file.
  • Microsoft .NET 6 provides the latest features of C# 10 with the ability to develop code in easier and more meaningful ways along with the best performance with the regularity improvements with a productive, profile-guided optimization method at the runtime.
  • Best support of OpenTelemetry standard for observability telemetry with the help of enhanced cloud diagnostics through the dotnet-monitor mechanism.
  • F# 6 combines modern features which involve task-based async, pipeline debugging, and various performance enhancements.
  • Meeting Developer Expectations: It has the capability of the most excellent deliverable improvements within all the .NET products based as per the user feedback and provides the latest scenarios with existing version features.
  • W^X,(write xor execute”) protection reduction to avoid prevent attack routes on denying memory pages and guards on executable and writable at the same time. Modernized .NET SDK templates to utilize the most advanced C# features.
  • Advancement of the latest libraries, reflection APIs to nullability.
  • Universal math is a .NET 7 advanced preview characteristic.
  • For libraries, there are more simple call models for cryptographic services.

Along with all the modern features and abilities, there are below major features of the .NET 6 we can focus on and understand each function in depth levels.

(LTS) Long-Term-Support:

Release that provides the best support for upcoming years.It provides the Centralized (unified) platform which has the capabilities of the cloud, desktop, mobile, web, and IoT-based apps, where all we can manage on its latest upgraded libraries and the capability to distribute code easily.

It’s Unified and comprehensive:

.Net 6.0 provides the ability to improve your applications as per your customization and requirement in many types of operating systems. The efficiency and innovations of the .Net It has enlarged applications to contend with its opponents with the best performance for the business users. As per the below image, it provides multiple types of domains. Developers can develop the application as per the original use cases, such as mobile apps and data science, AI, Cloud, Gaming, IoT, and desktop/Web-based.

dotnet unified platform

Integration of Mobile Apps

We can integrate previous versions of mobile-based components of iOS, Android, and macOS of Xamarin can be migrated using the .NET 6 based applications.

Unification of Web and Native UI collectively at Blazor

Using the Blazor Web Assembly we can develop a modern-based hybrid client application that can be consolidated of native UI and web-based UI solutions in one single source of truth system and can be performed and used from the window and mobile-based platforms.

This feature can be helpful to mobile app developers and web or cloud developers. They can quickly develop applications using the APIs on IoS and Android platforms.

In a unified platform, we have Blazor Web Assembly that is a Mono runtime-based pattern and .NET class libraries along with the inbuilt SDK engines. We can manage and integrate also xamarin based IoS and Android-based mobile applications with .Net 6 blazer.

Open planning process

The .NET 6 has the hierarchical pattern of your project management tracker just like we have JIRA, Azure DevOps similar as we have open planning of process where you can create your own themes, epics, and feature, user stories, and can set priorities and standards. This pattern enables you to access the release of your project which has excellent insights into your project with a smooth release.

Improve inner-loop performance: It provides the inner-loop performance

for .NET developers meaning it has more advancement productivity that involves enhancement more depth level of build performance with the help of Hot Reload and Hot Restart.

File-scoped namespaces

This pattern provides the developer to define the namespace for an inclusive file with no detailed level of nesting the continuing details in { … } parentheses. We can declare only a single text.

As per the below syntax example of a single line:

namespace MyNamespace;

class NewClass { … } // Not organized
This new syntax is an option to get the three-lined organized style:

namespace MyNamespace
class NewClass { … } // Everything is organized
The benefit is a reduction organized in the properly common case where your inclusive file is in the same namespace.

The .NET Multi-Platform App UI (MAUI)

It allows an option to choose WinUI for cross-platform development.

It is based on the cross-platform strategy is a combination of XAML which provides the best supports to the primary controls for iOS and Android-based applications. It has its individual cross-platform Xamarin.Forms. Xamarin.Forms development program. It has specific layouts, pages, and controls that enable to development of your custom applications with an extremely extensible, single API. It enables the developers to create their own customize controls, layouts, pages and define cells to develop their pixel-accurate view.

It is a Multi-platform App User Interface on the .Net 6.0. It’s a convenient UI toolkit. It has enhancements and new innovations as a component of the .NET 6 combination. It enables you to develop your application and deploy it on multiple devices on one separate project and single codebase with the smallest expenses.

With the help of .NET Multi-platform App UI, developers can perform compatible application practices beyond multiple devices and platforms. Mobile and desktop apps can handle a distributed application code to execute on the Windows operating systems and, Android, iOS, macOS.

Developing the applications using .NEt 6 is very easy and manageable. It has the capability of developing the c# Hot Reload and XAML to help for more active development practices.

The innovations and developments in MAUI concentrate on developing application performance, best and interactive user experience, control, and improving development activity. Managing UI plugins like ComponetOne in MAUI applications will make the improvement program sped up. It will also enhance the application with the most agreeable user experience in enhancement on .NET MAUI.

WPF Support on Arm64

WPF has the vector the established executing engine which was developed to get hold of an advanced graphics tool. It implements a complete collection of application-development characteristics: such as data binding, 2D and 3D graphics, Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML), animation, templates, typography, documents, and media, text. WPF is a portion of .NET, so we can combine it with other components of the .NET API including security.

In .NET 6, we have Arm64 which can develop WPF-based applications with the best performance enhancements.

Arm64 proceeds to be a significant focus with its vital achievement enhancements in the performance as a comparison to the previous .NET 5 version. In contradiction to .NET 5,. NET 6 mainly focuses on its functional techniques to secure its smooth performance.

It also recommends Windows form and Windows presentation framework (WFP) define the best solution in opposition to the help of WFP using x64 emulation in Windows on Arm tools as in .NET 5.

More beneficial Containerization Support

The Microsoft .NET 6 community team simplified containers are a regular center of the organization, both as the foundation of the product scenario and build infrastructure. We remark them as modern .NET performance testing practices containers. As per the various projects designed for developing containers in .NET 6. These are below proposed enhancements incorporate:

Enhanced scaling in containers and more reliable maintenance for Windows process-isolated containers, including a center on an original design of container execution experiment, essentially on frequency and aggregate device execution.

Standardized container image measurement using profile guided optimization (PGO) Advanced startup and throughput execution by utilizing ready-to-run version bubbles Extended startup and throughput execution by utilizing modern vector instructions by default Started prominent page assistance, including ready-to-run composite models.

Blazor Desktop

Blazor has enhanced an intelligent approach to developing ASP.NET web applications using Core. It provides the seamlessness and efficiency of a combination of UI libraries similar ComponentOne. This performs the application development life cycle more efficiently.

WE can consider it as it is an application programming pattern. It’s flexible, and we can accomplish it in various methods. Blazor for windows operates likewise to the process of Electron. It has the WebView controller that declares content from an installed Blazor web server.
It can assist on both Blazor and different web client technologies, such as JavaScript, Jquery, CSS, Bootstrap, and Angular.

Blazor desktop remains at the head of the innovative .NET Multi-platform Application UI. It has the UI inbuilt stack for a primary development application container-based and native controls with exceptional performance.

What is .NET Core?

Microsoft developed .Net Core is the latest version of the .Net framework. It is a more compatible, open-source, and cross-functional-based framework that can run on multiple platforms and provides the best performance along with unified, fast, lightweight characteristics.

Here we will see the evolution of the .Net core versions.

dotnet core versions

Why Use .Net Core?

Before adopting the latest .Net framework 6.0, developers should experience and basic understanding of the .Net core. Here we have highlighted important features of .Net Core.

Unified – It contributes a unique unified element like the .NET Standard library for every platform with the corresponding code, related languages, and tools.
Cross-platform – It can operate on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
Better execution – In .Net core, we have the capability of packages that we can use in our application for communication from the web browser to the server. Packages overcome the repetitive request pipeline and increase the application performance.
Lightweight – It enables developers to publish libraries and elements that are caused in a collection of packages.
Dependency Injection – It is an in-built feature in .Net Core.
Hosting – .Net Core application we can host on various Web servers Example: Apache, Docker, IIS, and cloud.
Open Source – It is a completely open-source framework. Along with the ability of free of cost and we can get the source code from Microsoft support and communities.
Testability – We can create a separate test project using and can develop the automated test cases easily
Side-by-side App Versioning – .Net Core operates on. NET Core, which continues together operating in various versions of projects.
Download .Net 6.0 – Here are the samples of .Net 6.0 as per the listed Apps with details of each operating systems and its libraries:
Build apps – SDK The software development kit (SDK) incorporates all the details as per your requirements to develop and execute your .NET applications with the support of command-line tools and a Visual Studio editor.

SDK 6.0.100

LinuxPackage manager instructionsArm32 | Arm32 Alpine | Arm64 | Arm64 Alpine | x64 | x64 Alpine
macOSArm64 | x64Arm64 | x64
WindowsArm64 | x64 | x86Arm64 | x64 | x86
Alldotnet-install scripts




Visual Studio support

● Visual Studio 2022 (v17.0)
● Visual Studio 2019 for Mac (v8.10)

Included runtimes

● .NET Runtime 6.0.0
● ASP.NET Core Runtime 6.0.0
● .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.0

Language support

● C# 10.0
● F# 6.0
● Visual Basic 16.9

Run apps

The runtime incorporates all the things as per your requirements to perform and execute your .Net application. We can integrate it into the Visual Studio SDK.

ASP.NET Core Runtime 6.0.0

The ASP.NET Core Runtime permits you to manage and enhance your traditional existing web-based applications to the latest version. On Windows, we can connect with the Hosting Bundle, which involves the .NET Runtime and IIS support.

LinuxPackage manager instructionsArm32 | Arm32 Alpine | Arm64 | Arm64 Alpine | x64 | x64 Alpine
WindowsHosting Bundle | x64 | x86Arm64 | x64 | x86
macOS Arm64 | x64

.NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.0

The .NET Desktop Runtime provides you with executing your older version of existing Windows-based applications. This release defines the .NET Runtime; Here we no need to install it we can get it from its version.

WindowsArm64 | x64 | x86 

.NET Runtime 6.0.0

The .NET Runtime enables you the various methods that you need to execute your console app. As per this requirement, we need to install the ASP.NET Core Runtime or .NET Desktop Runtime.

WindowsArm64 | x64 | x86Arm64 | x64 | x86
LinuxPackage manager instructionsArm32 | Arm32 Alpine | Arm64 | Arm64 Alpine | x64 | x64 Alpine
macOSArm64 | x64Arm64 | x64
Alldotnet-install scripts 


We hope this article helped you understand the Latest framework of .Net 6.0. Here, we discussed the detailed level of the concept and its features on Microsoft .Net Core, along with various types of versions of downloads with toolkits. It makes your ASP.Net applications more robust, responsive, flexible, and scalable, which will be helpful to professional developers from .net backgrounds, application architectures, and other learners looking for information on Microsoft .Net using C#. You will find more useful articles like this one at Iqlance. We are an ASP .NET Development Company based in India and hire dedicated ASP.NET Developers. Check out the official site for more information.

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