Features of iOS 13


At world wide developer conference, Apple has announced many new iPhone features targeting the user privacy. This newest version of iOS operating system was introduced on June 3 at the keynote evert of 2019. This new iOS is a major overhaul to iOS having new features. Users can expect the iPad for major iOS 13 updates. New features of the iPad will not compatible on the iPhone’s version of iOS. With its optimization trend, iOS 13 has become the more efficient than ever. Many Toronto app developers or app developers in Canada are considering it a great success and blessing for Apple users.

When iOS will available in market?

If you want to preview the software before its release the public beta of the iOS is available but for the majority of people, you can download it for free on compatible iPhones from September. This is the same time period the new iPhones are announced.

iPhones that will compatible with iOS 13?

It will be compatible on iPhone 6 or later.

Features of iOS 13:

This new product of Apple has a lot of features like:

(i) Performance: According to the announcement, iOS 13 will:

  • provide 30% faster face unlock system
  • offer 50% smaller sizes for downloading app
  • give 60% smaller sizes for updating the app
  • bring 2 times faster app launches

(ii) Dark mode: The latest feature of Apple is a system wide Dark Mode which is not ubiquitous on normal android phones. Apple has cleared its working process across the operating system and first party apps as well like photos, mail or messages. All these dark themes provide a unified black look to your iPhone.

With this feature, your phone will look like new. Moreover, if your iPhone has an OLED display then it will save your iPhone’s battery life as OLED functions by pixels’ lighting up. Dark display means less consumption of energy.

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For third party apps, dark mode may not work but it will be up to developers to maintain compatibility.

(iii) Keyboard: Apple has now launched swipe typing on the keyboard and also about time.

(iv) Safari: There are only small updates in this section. These updates include quick option to change the size of text or to adjust the specific websites’ preference.

(v) Music: Now for supported tracks, real time lyric playback is built in music. So, whether you are using downloaded library or listening from Apple Music streaming, you will get it in music.

(vi) Mail: There are rich fonts in an email app for Apple, which is nicer than before.

(vii) Notes: In iOS 13, notes will be much beneficial as it offers multiple options and interface. In feature light, user will get a nice gallery view and well maintained folder system with different tags by which you can archieve better.

(viii) Reminders: This app has become wonderful in iOS 13, Apple has provided it a full overhaul with better layout, organization options and smart lists. Moreover, people tagging option is also available by which messages will be syncs for collaboration.

(ix) Maps: Apple faced a PR disaster during its launch of terrible v1 of maps but now in iOS 13, there are much better features. Users can also access frequently used searches, favourites during its look around in an Apple version of Google’s street view.

(x) Messages: There is an update in messaging in order to add something more enjoyable like memoji or emoji. Users can also add these Animoji or Memoji to their contact card and their contacts will look better in the app. These stickers will be compatible with all iOS devices using A9 chip or later.

(xi) Camera: A small update in camera will give better results to the users and provide them a granular control to existing presets.

(xii) Photos: With this app, you can easily edit your snaps in the app. With brightness, saturation and contrasts, this feature will add more fun to photos without interference of third app. Moreover, users will get a feature to rotate video and also can apply effects or filters to the videos in iOS for the first time.

Feature of auto play, by year, month or day is also available by which you can surface memories in a better way.

(xiii) Location: App will ask for your permission to share location every time. It will also have tracking alert feature with better wi-fi and bluetooth protections for sharing location. It’s working is not disclosed by Apple yet.

(xiv) Login: A feature Sign in is available to sign into Google or Facebook services. With Apple credentials, you can confirm your identification with touch or face ID whenever sign in with a new account. The best feature is if you don’t want to share the email address with app then Apple will create a unique email address for you which is good news for users.

(xv) AirPods: If a user upgrade to iOS 13, then he will get many new features to AirPods in terms of incoming messages. Using announce messages, you can reply without triggering words. This feature is available for the third party app also.In iOS 13 devices, users can share audio to two pairs of AirPods. This feature will be helpful for all audio including phone calls.

(xvi) Safari Screenshots: If you take any screenshot in Safari then you will get an option to save it as a full page which will lead to a PDF file that you can save or share. Users also can Mark this PDF to edit it before using.

(xvii) Low data mode: Users will get a low data mode by which iPhone can reduce its network data usage. A low data mode is also available to enable you for specific WiFi networks.

Wrapping up:

iPhone App development company in Canada has considered it a great success of iOS devices.  These are some features of latest iOS 13 as there are many more updates which are more than just iterative.

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