Key points to Consider Before hiring Dedicated Developers for Business

Hire dedicated developers

The covid-19 pandemic apart from its dangerous nature has given few positive things to the world too. Before the advent of coronavirus disease, nobody, especially businessmen, would have even thought of launching their business in the online space. But today not only have they tossed their business but are also in the lead of expansion. With outsourcing gaining fame day by day the requirement to hire dedicated developers has also increased. Almost all the industries specifically mentioning the Indian IT sector are in search of capable tool developers who can help them in the growth of their respective companies.

Good-quality business developers are very important in order to produce the best web products. With a good team, there is absolutely no need to worry about any step of the development process. They are well-trained and educated in their specific field. However, for all this, we first need to hire dedicated developers.

Following given are 5 key points which will assist a company in choosing the best candidates for its projects

You must be clear about your goals

Before beginning with your search, discuss among your core company members about your objectives. You should be clear as to what you want in your project. The manner of execution, initialization, results in everything is majorly dependent upon your idea. Therefore, it is very essential to have a clear picture. Once you have a blueprint of your goals, then you will be able to scrutinize candidates in a much better manner.

Day-by-day, new technologies are being introduced. Hence, discuss your budget, available tools, technologies, etc. See if you are able to arrange the latest technology tools and facilitate your developers. In case you do not want to arrange them yourself, you can add this to your criteria of selection while picking a team of dedicated developers. There are a lot of outsourcing companies present in the market that keep themselves updated with the latest software development techniques. They prove to be an asset if your goal is to target a youth audience with your products.

Establish reliable communication channel

For any project to run smoothly, constant communication between the hirer and the developer is vital. Through proper communication mode, you will be able to stay updated regarding the progress in the project. You can even put your suggestions or objects if there is anything that you don’t like or don’t want to be in the project. Web development is a sensitive area. People have a different set of mind-frame and imagination; hence chances of conflicts are very high. But with proper communication, you can avoid such situations.

There are various modes of communication present in today’s world
● E-mail
● Mobile phone/calls
● Direct communication with the service provider
● I-cloud facility
● Weekly reports

Among all, the most recommended one is to stay in direct communication with the service provider. You can set up a separate development team in your office. This team will be responsible to keenly observe market trends. They will also be required to keep constant communication with people who can help them in fetching the best and the most popular dedicated developers.

Detailed scrutiny

There should be a proper gap between the day of planning the project and the deadline. An ample amount of time must be invested during the scrutiny process. One side of outsourcing that has proved to be a demerit is that with this methodology we have to work with complete strangers. This is obviously not an entirely bad thing but still, awareness is required so that you don’t have to face unpleasant experiences. Do thorough research about each and every candidate before calling them for an interview. Verify their credentials with the help of a government-recognized ID card.

Keep a background check. Talk to their former clients in order to get a clear picture of their performance in the past. Do not avoid intuitions. If you think that a particular team is not fit for your project for any reason, don’t hesitate to say a NO. Prepare good interview questions and observe their confidence and honesty through their answers. Ask questions that aim to question their ability to handle pressure and understanding of product development.

Ensure the quality of your Interview Process

There is a reason why interviews have been in fashion for a long period of time especially in the corporate sector. Interviews help you to know your dedicated developer in a better manner. You get to observe small things like his punctuality, honesty, dedication, hard-working skills, smart approach, etc. Plan the interview process in a clever manner so that you can judge major aspects of their personality.
This quality can be judged by setting an early morning interview. The interviewee should be mature enough to arrive at the office at least 10 minutes before the process begins. There must not be a last-minute rush. If a person cannot even appear for his interview in time, then the hope of him honoring the deadline is quite low.
This aspect can be observed by analyzing his portfolio and cv. Look at the work done by him in the past. What was the beginning day, deadline, the market reaction, etc. to his products? Look if he paid attention to your question while answering and is not trying to blabber unnecessarily. The annoying blabbering indicates his lack of skill to pay attention to guidelines assigned to him. This might prove as a huge loss if you hire him for your project.
This is a difficult human quality to analyze. This must be dealt with by an expert human resource executive. He can put situational questions before him and then keenly observe his reactions to each. See if his answers are genuine or he is only trying to please you. Most of the HRs use practical techniques in order to get a clear idea about this trait of the candidate.
This is a fast-pacing world. Today, the market trends change in a blink of an eye. Therefore, smart work over hard work is necessary. Talk to the candidate about his view regarding your project. Ask him to plan out a rough draft of the approach in which he can complete the project along with his team. This will give the interviewer an idea about his approach and the skills required in this field.

Use high-quality resources

Any business to run aptly requires a lot of investment. The initial time is indeed the toughest. But it is also a proven fact that if the approach and plan are top-class then the results are going to be even higher. This rule applies in all business sectors. Outsourcing is majorly dependent on the quality of resources. If the resources provided to the dedicated developer’s team are cheap, then you must not also expect to get an out-of-box result.

If you are stuck in a situation where you come across an outsourcing company performing excellently in the market today but is also charging expectedly high. Then you should give that company a chance. Just to save your budget, you must not compromise on the quality. The final project is going to revolve in the market and the market definitely pays off to quality. Therefore, at this stage, you should only prefer high-quality resources.

Give a look at their support service policy

This is an essential aspect of outsourcing business. Today even if we buy a small electronic product, we check for a warranty like a thousand times, then why do we forget the same thing about our business.

Your website no matter how outstanding its launching has been will still need maintenance. Make sure that your developer company will facilitate timely resolution of any kind of technical bugs or issues of other nature. You should at no cost go for a company that lacks sound service support service. It is a scam because if you cannot hold them answerable for their service, then that is of no use.

Flowchart depicting the process of project development with the help of outsourcing
Plan and create your objectives
Convey your requirements to the desired outsourcing company
Requirements are then received and analyzed by the project-taking company
The hiring company then receives portfolios of prospective dedicated business developers
The process of scrutiny and interview conducted by the hiring company
Shortlisting is done
A detailed blue print is then shared with the team
Communication Channel is set up and the work begins
Regular updates are shared
The project is finally executed

Technologies to look for while hiring a dedicated developers company:

1. Node. JS:
Node.JS development technology is the latest technology which has rapidly gained popularity in the market. It is capable of performing real-time tasks according to the needs of current market trends. You must go for a company which uses Node.JS as its core technology partner.
2. Spree Commerce:
This technology is mainly meant for business owners. Especially in the field of e-commerce. Spree Commerce technology gives artistic experience to the user. He can design and edit choosing among a wide variety of options. Building the e-commerce store of your dreams is very easy and convenient with Spree Commerce. Therefore, it is advisable to go for an outsourcing company using this technology because it not only offers variety but is also time-saving.
3. PHP:
PHP offers a reliable web-solution. It is a must-own technology for various web businesses like websites, applications, CMS etc. Hire PHP developers to get the best market experience.
4. Vue.Js:
Vue.Js is basically a java framework with an open-source model-view. Vue.Js development technology is primarily used by dedicated developers to apply transition effects into the web applications.
5. AWS:
Go for a company that uses AWS, the most reliable and secure technology of the century. The notable point about this technology is that it is available both on and off the universe. This technology aids the project processing and makes the working very flexible and effective. AWS development companies have proved to be more successful than other companies that do not use this technology.
6. .Net:
This technology basically runs on Microsoft windows. It is a remarkable technology considering its capability to interpret different programming languages at utmost ease. Hire .Net developers can prepare effective web applications in no-time.
7. Python:
While recruiting candidates pay attention to their knowledge in python language. Python programmers are much more capable in handling huge and technical projects than others. Hire Python Developers in order to experience the fastest delivery of your project.
8. Magento:
Magento developers are specially trained candidates to set up magnificently working e-commerce stores. They give direction to your plan and help you set up the shop of your dreams.
9. Golang:
Golang development companies produce feasible applications that reduce the possibility of facing technical bugs to a very huge extent.
10. Blockchain:
Hire Blockchain developers to ease the process of transaction and monetary requirements. Blockchain experts are skilled in attentively drawing your ideas into the real world with very little need for investment.

4 Benefits of hiring dedicated business developers:

A prime need of any business is cost-effectiveness. The literal meaning of this term is to get a considerable return on your investment. Before the introduction of the concept of outsourcing, cost-effectiveness was only an on-paper idea. But now you can pay a certain amount to a skilled developer and attain superb services without even wasting much time. With full-time developers, this becomes a tacky task because you need to pay them even when they are not working.
24*7 product development
Again, a unique trait that can only be provided by the outsourcing method. You are facilitated with all-time support from the company. You can also avail of regular support and maintenance with an outsourcing company. Dedicated developers work on one task at a time hence you can fetch all their attention for your project only. They can begin working anytime you want.
Enhancement in Productivity
Dedicated developers are named so because their job profile includes providing seamless service to the company. They work on one project at a time. They are fully dedicated to one project only and ensure quality until the project is released in the market. An increase in flexibility and productivity is witnessed from the very first day of work.
Professional developers
With a dedicated delivery service, you get to avail the best service of professionally trained developers. You only need to pay for their service. While with the in-house web development team, there is no such assurance. You might even not get satisfied and still feel obligated with in-house developers. Hence, dedicated outsourcing developers are a great choice.


Outsourcing has emerged as the need of the hour. The above reasons indicate the reason behind the increasing popularity of outsourcing. With the least demerits, you only have good things to count about working with dedicated business developers. In absence of capable web developers, the success graph of business is very unlikely to flourish. Therefore, this domain must be considered important. iQlance- Mobile app development company can help you in this purpose. If you successfully hire a good outsourcing team, half of your worries are reduced. It might appear a costly option at first, but with only one experience, you will gain faith in it. You don’t have to provide dedicated developers with any sort of in-house benefits. Hence, overall, it is a win-win situation.

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