The Complete guide – 2024 for App development companies & How to choose the best one for your project?



Imagine if a peculiar tailor shop in your locality is famous for its signature tailor-made tuxedo where competitors in its vicinity provide ready-made suits without any alternative options. Where would you prefer to treat yourself then?

Similarly, the execution needed to fully develop an app out of its basic scratch can only be done by companies carrying the ethos of app development technicalities as a service-based business to provide affordable solutions as quickly as possible with maximum reliability and support.

This guide will help you find ways to understand and compare several catalogues of many app development companies out of the mix. This guide will help you find a viable team partner to commence your game plan for app development.


Alas, when it comes to app development, you can only keep going if you choose a suitable company to vitalize your app ideation in beautiful fruition. Although it is a universal fact that no app can be transformed into an AIO solution, even more so, it is very significant to choose the right app development team to make things work on your end.

As per thorough research conducted by, choosing the best app development company requires clearing a checklist of standardized factors such as harnessed skill sets of employee personnel, client base in the company portfolio, great client and staff reviews, affordable pricing stats, and last but not least, the commitment of deadline for the completion of given in-hand project.

Remember, developing an app requires a team that can follow your vision and matches your business strategy towards it. Now, here’s a question if you’d ask, why should I hire external help when I can build an in-house team? As a good Samaritan, I beg to differ, as the best way to develop an app is to partner with an excellent outsourcing app development company.



The necessary factors needed to channelize your app development project with a development company are as follows:

1. Experience Portfolio Reviews and Team Strength

For your app development project, always hire a renowned, stable, and experienced company after checking their work experience portfolio on various platforms such as,, etc. Hiring random professionals to build an in-house team at your own expense could bottleneck your development process mid-way if the team does not mesh together well.

2. Technological Approach

Go for a company that explains the suitable technological procedure, informs you about the scope of the developed app, targets to be achieved, and assists you alongside your timeline to achieve the best possible outcome of your app development project. Ask whether they would publish the source code or retain its full ownership to you, as you need to keep the code safe to access it at all times, specifically if you replace the team within the due course of development.

3. Referential Projects & Key Clientele

Ask for referential projects/apps that the shortlisted companies have made and cross-check those that resemble your project. Go ahead with checking the ratings on the respective app stores and inquire about the measured results. It will give you a rough assessment of the value generated by the clients from their projects with the said company.

4. Project Quotation & Pricing

Before commencing with the project, ask the app development company to devise an approximate price quotation according to the requirements. Some companies charge on an hourly basis, while others charge altogether for the entire process. Ask further questions about the revisions offered in the package, app server support and maintenance charges, etc.

5. Excellence in Project Management

As mentioned above, the measured results of apps developed by the said company will also bring forth the coordination and management team needed for app reliability. They are as significant as programmers to make a successful app out of scratch. Thus, your choice of app development company should give the utmost clarity of the methodology used for your project management.

6. Quality Assessment

The quality of the developing app should be rectified at every milestone of the process. This means getting code reviews, testing in different stages of development, thorough maintenance checks and debugging, etc., should be a routine for the development company for all projects and processes.


The personnel required within a development team given by the company depends upon the requisition of features needed in your app. A proper development team consists of a UI/UX front-end designer, at least 2 developers, and in some cases, a dedicated back-end developer is also required.


When deciding on hiring a good app development company to implement your crazy app idea, some pointers are given below to ensure that you envision yet avoid mistakes and redundancies that can happen while hiring.

1. Preparation Of Requirements Checklist

This is a necessary part of the app development process as an idea cannot be explained without any prior foundation. Keep patience and try doing extensive research from your end. This include features and functionalities needed in your app, the platform where your app can be strategically marketed, the targeted audience for this particular app and the estimated time required for its development (giving a rough idea of the deadline).

Remember, keeping sufficient knowledge in this helps in not getting deceived. “Precaution is Better than Cure”

2. Looking Only For Companies Near Your Location

In earlier times, it was understood that hiring a company near your significant location was a good option due to the imminent trust factor kept by both parties and direct communication between them. But, now, when the technology is as updated as ever, it will be a fallacy if you only check for companies near you while not trying to find across the world.

That will expand your horizon in finding new talents and create more opportunities with a better development outcome.

3. Prioritizing Skills over Cost

Sometimes you need to understand, cheap isn’t everything. However, the concern for money should be replaced with quality of work, being more of a priority in developing your app, which can only be done by an expert team of technically-skilled developer staff provided by a good development company. If you prioritize cost over skills, you are in for a rollercoaster ride, as many people scam others by being highly professional yet charging low prices.

To avoid this, you should ask your hired development company if they can build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) before developing a fully-functional app.

4. Commit Taking Technical Interviews as a Client

Every company is different with distinct work ethic, needs and talents. Therefore, to assess a team for your requirement, you need to conduct thorough technical interviews or discussions with the developer team/company about whether they can build what you need. You would also get to know the strengths and weaknesses of a developer team.

This also helps in the foreground, where clear communication is a must between you and the team during the app development cycle.


Precautions needed to avoid complications with the company/on your project are as follows:

Check whether the company is not overlooking the project documentation, as documentation helps in information exchange if you/your team developer choose to switch responsibilities to another company/personnel. The quality of transition strictly depends upon the quality of documentation done for the project during its development timeline. Beware that the documentation of your project should be processed hand-in-hand with the app development process.

Deadlines should always be approached with cleared tasks. This precautionary measure is necessary for you and the company working on your project. App development is an expensive and complicated process where delaying the deadlines can immobilize your project plans.

Slow counterintuition towards development problems will reflect a delay in your project plans. As you witness that your project isn’t going as anticipated, fasten the priorities and act accordingly, else you need to reassess another team which is as costly as it sounds.

There should be adequate communication between you and the development team, as like a needle in a haystack lies a clerical misunderstanding amidst the development process that can ultimately throw a wrench in your business plans as well. Always let the team know what you want from them and never assume anything out of the ordinary.


There are primarily 3 types of development methodology used all around the app development industry are as follows:

Agile Model

The agile methodology allows the development team to release an app/software and its functionalities in iterations. Iterative release helps minimize the risk of an app release with incremental debugging and early feature optimizations.

Although, this creates an issue for new users as some apps lack the technical explanation to get the users on track due to reiterative updates in real-time. Developers working with this methodology are labour intensive as they need user interaction and feedback for bug fixes and frequent updates.


  • Consumer Satisfaction is focused upon by rapid successive software updates.
  • Agile methodology helps tackle considerable changes required by the clients.
  • Direct discussion and constant queries and feedback from consumer representatives, where assumptions are avoided to step in between the development process.


  • An app development company with Agile methodology prefers rapid development rather than work over the documentation. So, there will be a lack of a written thesis of the app.
  • In the deliverable phase of the app, it is typical to assess the manpower and effort required at the beginning of the app development cycle.

Leading Examples of Agile Model Development Companies:

Intelliware: Intelliware is a company consisting of expert Agile app developers in Toronto, Canada. They were founded in 1990 and were the first company in Canada to utilize the Agile model in its infrastructure.

FATBit Technologies: FATBit Technologies is famous in the app development industry as their developed apps were downloaded 250 billion times in the year 2021. This app development company is based in India, and its Agile model approach is considered one of the best in the world.

Scrum Model

Scrum is a high-paced and flexible form of methodology based on the Agile model with several other iterative approaches. It is considered exceptionally beneficial for the fast development of projects as execution done with this methodology helps identify problems through testing and emphasize solutions by gaining user feedback within 4 weeks of project commencement. This entire cycle of multiple processes is known as a sprint, making Scrum an ideal methodology in today’s world.


  • The short iterations in Scrum helps in quickly tackling most problems, as it is very responsive to changes due to regular feedback.
  • Scrum is economically feasible and practically effective.


  • This methodology is not suitable for large-scale projects. As it will fluctuate with time-to-market depending upon the deadline.
  • Scrum can only be derived by expert developers with years of experience and commitment towards problem-solving assessments.
Waterfall Model

Many consider that the Waterfall methodology is the most traditional model for app/system development. It is a linear model that emphasizes sequential phases of development followed as pre-requisites, design, implementation/testing, verification/debugging, maintenance.

Nonetheless, each phase should be completed before moving on to the next and, you cannot go in reverse mode. This creates issues during app development, such as high cost-bearing and slow productivity.


  • Waterfall model methodology saves enough time to complete all the processing and phases of development at a given time.
  • Project management is relatively easy for companies following the Waterfall methodology, which is robust to handle multiple tasks at hand.
  • The project requirements are comprehensively defined in the waterfall method.


  • Waterfall model cannot be utilized for projects needing continuous maintenance.
  • Documentation requires a lot of time and effort for developers and testers. This also poses an obstacle in the development phase at times.
  • Testing starts at the end of the development phase that can let slip some bugs to be found later, eventually being tough to fix.


The app development industry is ambiguous for all consumers yet, what sticks till the end in every situation, are your brilliant ideas. Then, these excellent companies in the world with their skill-set and manpower could help you achieve what you desire from your potential app.

May the best company be with you!

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