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Mobile App Development Company Houston

Having an experienced team has taught us the right values to survive in this market. Hence we tend to deliver the expertise we have attained in the projects that we deliver. Depending upon the market requirements we adjust the quality needed to survive those conditions

  • Seeing the growing demand for IOS and Android App Development Texas we have enhanced our skills over the past few years.
  • We tend to work on the customizable mobile applications more as they provide greater results for your businesses
  • We develop holistic applications serving every need of your business.
  • We help our clients to work on the project in a way that maximizes the profitability.

Mobile App developers Houston

Being one of the top mobile app development company in Houston gives us the experience which can convert your vision and dedication into a very fruitful outcome. We like to work with people who work smarter and follow an efficient system of approaching a problem. You just need to hire app developers Houston and we’ll assure you in delivering the quality you need.

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Services we offer

With the change in the communication system and the advancement of technology, we have also seen a shift in the way in which businesses used to approach their customers. Nowadays, most businesses have their own mobile application that helps them to bring customers their products. In some cases, the application in itself is a product, and the customer is directly engaging with it making it easier for such businesses to operate. Given this, we offer several other services that are listed below.

Mobile Application Development

Application Development

Most of the audience uses their phone to access various services and businesses. With our mobile application development services, we cover most of your target audience. Mobile application development has been in trend for the last couple of years and whichever business has chosen this way of reaching their customers has seen profitable results..

iPhone Application Development

Application Development

Though the people operating on iOS devices are comparatively fewer than on Android. But this population constitutes some important people and hence they cannot be left behind. With this vision in our mind, we have a trained developer team which can create amazing iOS applications for businesses as well as other industries as well.

Android Application Development

Application Development

All of us have seen a prosperous growth in Android applications. Android is the most popular operating system in the market. It holds more than 75.44% share. The Android app development market has seen huge growth due to work from home due to Covid-19 Pandemic. Choosing the android platform for your coming application is the best idea. You can gain lots of customers! We with our Android app development, will help you get the best customer interaction resulting into the best revenue and ROI.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software

We develop some of the Top custom software for your business to ensure that you are targeting your audience correctly. Moreover, we also document every piece of code to ensure that it helps us while updating the application. We also ensure that you get the best UI and UX in your application, while giving you a unique identity.

React Native App Development

React Native
App Development

Being one of the top react development companies in the industry we provide simplicity, speed and scalability for your business applications. We leverage an extensible and flexible library of JavaScript to build some of the best responsive user interfaces. Our team of developers provide development services which handle data synchronization and updates with integration of your existing applications.

Flutter App Development

Flutter App

We build an end-to-end approach and design some of the best applications and websites for your business. With our help, our clientele can react to the evolving market and leverage the cross-platform applications. We provide some of the best flutter consulting services with advanced Flutter App Development Services.

Website Development


We have adopted PHP technology and other important tools which assist us to create websites that are above the industry standards and create the benchmark for others to follow. Our PHP developers are some of the most experienced in the industry and they provide best-in-class technologies in order to build an amazing website.

Enterprise App Development

App Development

If you are anyone who is looking to get their enterprise application designed in such a way that it attracts users and increases your sales then app development company Houston must be your first choice. We have created some of the best enterprise applications for some of the top brands of the country. Hence, we have gained valuable experience in creating more such applications.

.Net Development


We provide some of the best .net development services for our clientele. We are one stop for every type of .net service from .net web development to asp.net development services. We also build ERP solutions for your organization with classic .net applications which are multi-tiered.

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Step by Step Approach to Creating the Amazing Applications

In order to achieve the goal of creating the best applications available we follow a step-by-step approach. With one step at a time, we pay our full attention to it and then proceed forward.


We develop a great understanding of the client’s idea of functionality as well as the design requirements. This enables us to begin in the right direction with application development.


The design of the application plays an important role in making the app user-interactive and making the application engaging. We design the app in such a way that it maintains these qualities using the latest UI/UX tools.


After confirming the functionality and the design of the application our team of mobile app developers builds a holistic application converting the client’s ideas into real operating applications.


After carrying out testing procedures we help our client with publishing the app on different app stores and see the first user reactions. Also, any problems arising just after publishing the app are taken care of.

Our Mobile App Developers Houston are experts in the following industries:

Being available to every industry is what defines our work. Today it is necessary for an institution or any business to have its own application. This is where mobile App development companies come in.



Information Technology

Information Technology







Endeavors that Make us Proud

iQlance solutions has always been honored with valuable words for the efforts given on mobile app development that are efficiently unique and user centric. Here are some of the best examples for this.

Mobile App Development Houston

Develop an App That Changes The Way Of Operation Of Your Business

The idea of an application revolves around making it easier for a business and consumers of that business to connect. We, as an app development company in Houston, understand this, and hence several times we guide the business owner to build their application in this way.

Experienced application developers not only know about app development but also know what kind of app features your application requires to attract more attention to it.

We also developed customizable apps that are developed around any idea that you prescribed to us.

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Serving companies across different industries in mobile app development and helping them in the ideation phase has given us immense experience in app development and other related fields. We have completed various projects and served various international clients as well.


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Ready to Hire Top App Developers in Houston to Build your Next Great Idea?

We are team of talented, experienced, designers and Mobile App developers in Houston. Let us build something extra ordinary.

Why Choose iQlance for App Development Houston?

Presenting you some of the reasons why we think you should choose us.

Data Protection


We understand the importance of data privacy and hence before working with any of our clients, we make sure we sign a non-disclosure agreement so that even by mistake we do not leak out any personal information.

Agile Development


For the process of development of the application, we follow the agile framework and that has given us some fruitful results over the past couple of years. This helps us to develop feature-rich software which caters to higher quality needs.

Easy Communication


Till the time we work on your project, you can interact with our customer support to get any sort of information you need. Our customer support is very friendly and it is aware of every important update on your project which he can convey to you anytime you want.

Dedicated Team


It is ultimately experience that matters the most, and when it comes to the experience we can stand with our heads high because we have some of the most experienced team of dedicated developers working with us.

On – Time Delivery

On – Time

We try our best to deliver our project on time, and most of the time we are successful in that. We have a reputation in the industry for delivering quality projects in time and hence you should give us an opportunity to give this premium experience to you.

Quality – First Approach

Quality – First

We work with full transparency keeping in mind developing a high-quality application that caters to almost every small need of your business. For this, we take the help of advanced tools and experienced developers.

Cost Effective Model

Cost Effective

We have constructed our business module in such a way that we can provide higher quality at a lower rate. Hence this cost-effectiveness of our company makes it very favorable for businesses that cannot pay huge sums of money to get their work done.

Technical Support


We provide our clients with essential technical support both while developing the application as well as after the launch of the application. This makes any small glitches and bugs get fixed quickly.

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