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iQlance has the experience, expertise, and resources required for mobile application and software development. We also provide highly secure software that businesses need.

Mobile apps developed by our mobile app developers California team gives clients the time they need to concentrate on their business.

What makes iQlance significantly different from competitors? It is our commitment to deliver cost-effective and powerful solutions with unparalleled quality. These are the reasons why you should hire dedicated app developers California to build your software, support your existing systems. Being a leading software development company, we also advise you on projects that will lower the risk and enhance your productivity.

  • Industry Specific Dedicated Developers
  • Customized App with Affordable Price
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  • Flexible engagement models
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    Our Story for App Developers California

    In the era of digitalization and technology, IT plays an important role in every growing industry.

    As the world is stepping into the digital age, there is an unprecedented growth in the IT market. In California, there are a massive number of things to explore. Being the birthplace of a large number of rising entrepreneurs makes it a hub of the IT market. Due to this advantage, there is also a large customer base residing in this area.

    Another great thing that California offers to the world is iQlance. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world and is presently serving in about three different continents. iQlance has a team of experienced and qualified professionals who are dedicated to providing the best quality services.

    Mobile App Developers California

    Our team includes specialists who are efficient in offering any app development related services. They are experts in creating high applications for different platforms that will be both intuitive and seamless. Based on the client’s requirements, we can easily design every type of mobile app, whether it is for android, iOS devices or any other platform. We are quite famous for the strategies that help us fulfill the clients’ requirements. Our app developers California team includes professionals who are the best in their field and have the knowledge to implement everything that our client desires. Also, we are quite familiar with all the latest technologies and technical trends to offer higher outputs and better results. Applications created by iQlance’s best app developers in California are absolutely in sync with the user’s needs.

    Best of ours innovative approach

    Leading the Innovation Wave in California

    Welcome to the sunny shores of California, where innovation and technology converge! At iQlance, we take pride in being a professional mobile app developer, dedicated to crafting cutting-edge solutions that leave a lasting impact. Our team’s relentless passion for creativity and expertise ensures that your app ideas are transformed into captivating realities. With a Californian touch of brilliance, we redefine user experiences and set your business on a path to success in the digital realm.

    • Ionic
    • Laravel
    • React Native
    • PhoneGap
    • Flutter
    • Angular
    • Xamarin
    • Apache Cordova
    • jQuery Mobile
    Professional Web App

    Services We Offer

    iQlance being an expert and ace mobile app development California company, we offer a wide range of mobile app development services and solutions.

    Mobile App Development

    Mobile App Development

    iQlance basically refers to create software that is specifically designed for mobile devices. There is no one better than iQlance for this job as we are one of the Top App Development Companies in California. Our developers are highly qualified professionals who know exactly what to do and how any task is to be completed. They are not only fluent with the backend part, but we also have a team of fantastic UI designers who can provide an extraordinary look to your application. No matter if it is kotlin, Swift, java, JavaScript or any of the other programming languages, our team is fluent in each of them and is ready to offer you the application that you want. After all, we are the Top App development company for an apparent reason. We are totally prepared to provide you with the best product to stay in the market.

    React Native App Development

    React Native App Development

    One of the best methods that you can use to improve the productivity and clientele of your business is to use react native in order to make the applications. With the use of core Javascript, react-native has the power to provide your application with a hybrid environment. Our React Native App Developer make sure that your application is able to run with a different type of backends without facing even a single problem. Developers at iQlance make sure that the application provided to you is high in quality and works perfectly through different stages of its lifetime.
    React native is a technology that allows your application to perform optimally and is also well known because of the code reusability. The applications made in it are stable and also supports the plugins by third parties. These will also be lighter on your pocket and will help you target a larger community with the modular architecture that react native follows. If you are figuring out a way to use this language with handy solutions and libraries for your business, the React Native App development company California that is iQlance can surely help you out.

    Web Development

    Web Development

    Our team understands your problems and tries out every possible way to turn your dreams into a real web application. After all, we are known to offer the best Web Design California. We make sure that the website we design is attractive and should turn out to be positive for your company. The designers here have tremendous experience in developing various company websites and applications. With all the latest technology that we add on your website, our only approach is to promote your business more and make the site a productive one. We work on the latest technologies like jQuery, docker, hibernate, JavaScript,.Net, react-JS, Spring boot, MVC framework, WordPress, Php, Laravel, Angular JavaScript and many more latest technologies. It is sure that iQlance is the best that you will find for web designing in California.

    iPhone App Development

    iPhone App Development

    No one knew that after Newton’s apple, a half-eaten apple would change the course of technology in the world. We are talking about iPhones and how it has brought a new wave of technological developments throughout the entire globe. iPhone is used by a huge number of people around the world, and so are the iOS-based applications. That is why if you want your application to reach more people, you also should launch an iOS version as well. You need not worry as you have the Top iOS App Development Company California to take care of everything on your behalf. We are experts in designing the applications that can be easily integrated with the Apple devices. Our app development California team is highly efficient and works in the latest technologies like objective C, Ruby, Swift and other ones to make your application incredible. They can surely build an application that you are definitely going to love for your company.

App Development

    Android App Development

    Developers working with us have years of experience and have even done some incredible work for huge industries like food delivery applications, logistical ones, social media connectivity and business-centered e-commerce applications. They will be able to offer you services of app development related to online food delivery, real estate, logistics, social networking etc. We can efficiently work in various categories of application development, and whether it is social media, travel or any e-commerce application, we can handle it all. After all, iQlance is one of the best Android App Development Company California. We not only offer design and development services of the Android application, but also the play store optimization, testing and API integration as well. Also, we take care of providing you with updates for the applications that include java, Kotlin, JavaScript and other latest programming languages.

    Flutter App Development

    Flutter App Development

    Great products and applications are the results of high technologies that are being introduced in the market. Lucky for you iQlance one of the well-known Flutter App development companies in California that offers you applications with many innovative and revolutionary technologies. Our company happens to provide you with the applications and UIs that can be used on any screen size. After all, we cannot let the screen size affect the user experience. Applications built by our app developers team are exponentially amazing and fulfills all the demands of the users. Flutter applications are known to take less time in the code development and also it can make sure that the logics are reused throughout different platforms. If you want the customized or even the animated UI for your application it can all be done with the Flutter app. Other advantages of using the flutter app include the specific logic –simple platform approach and the self rendering engine that it allows you to use. But one thing to make sure is that if you want the best version of the Flutter app it is better to take help from the Top Flutter App developers California.

    How We Work

    Mobile app development is a complex process. At iQlance, we make it pretty simple. iQlance is a reputed mobile app development company in California. One of the reasons behind this is that our mobile app developers California follow milestone-based goals for every app project.


    STEP 1

    Sign NDA & System Analysis

    Let’s secure your idea and schedule brainstorming meeting to explore your idea.


    STEP 2

    Project Planning & Kick-Off

    Project Planning plays important role in all product development.


    STEP 3

    App Design

    Let us bring your idea into reality with creative and eye catchy design.

    User Testing

    STEP 4


    We execute all Projects under Agile Methodology to deliver high quality product.


    STEP 5

    Quality Assurance

    Quality brings the value and build the Trust.


    STEP 6

    Deployment & Maintenance

    Let’s submit the app on stores. Yes, we will provide tech support.

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    Solutions We Provide

    In the world of app development California, iQlance is a well-established name. We offer different app development solutions for businesses around the world.

    Online Food

    Online Food Delivery App

    Attract your customers by providing a platform to their business ideas. Contact us today to experience our top-notch services.

    On Demand App

    On Demand App

    We offer a one-stop solution for your customers. Our experts are always ready to assist you with the best of our services to develop on demand app.

    Taxi Booking App

    Taxi Booking App

    Give a tough competition to your business competitors and stand apart from the crowd with our unique services.

    Event App

    Event App

    We develop apps for every kind of event. With the latest features, we offer cost-effective apps for your business.

    Logistic App

    Logistic App

    With our logistic app, we create apps specifically for delivery services and distribution companies.


    Dating App

    Our experts offer wonderful dating apps to give the ultimate dating experience to your clients.


    Grocery Delivery App

    Facilitate your customers to get groceries delivered as fast in a few moments with our grocery delivery apps.


    Video Editing App

    We develop the best video editing apps for different platforms including Android, iPhone, iPad etc.


    Medicine App

    Hire dedicated app developers California and make it possible for your customers to order medicines right from their homes.

    Industries We Cater To

    Be it Android or iPhone app development California, iQlance does not cater to one industry alone. We have successfully completed several app development California projects for leading clients from diverse industries.






    Media & Entertainment

    Real Estate

    Real Estate










    Travel & Hospitality

    Oil - Gas

    Oil & Gas

    Hire Top App Developers in California to Get the best app and website solutions.

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    Endeavors That Make Us Proud

    iQlance solutions has always been honored with valuable words for the efforts given on mobile app development that are efficiently unique and user centric. Here are some of the best examples for this.

    Yoga and Mindfulness App


    Yoga and mindfulness app is not an app but is a mind relaxing platform. Here one can utilize tutorial videos and instructions to perform yoga, meditation and relax the mind. One can achieve intense peace and inner bliss by using this amazing app.

    • Tutorial videos
    • Relaxing Music
    • Breathing session
    • In – build Games
    Restaurants App Solution

    Restaurants App Solution

    Restaurants App Solution

    Here is the modern restaurant app solution based on the idea of: “getting food when you arrive at dine-in”. It is a restaurant booking app that allows you to book food and table in advance so that you can enjoy it by eliminating the long queues at the restaurants with superfast express ordering & delivery. This app is much more than a food ordering system.

    • Menu and nearby restaurants
    • Table bookings
    • Pre-orders
    • Great offers
    • Easy payments

    Horse Management Software Solutions

    Horse Management Software Solutions

    Our Horse Management Software Solutions are designed to streamline your equestrian operations. Our software ensures that you stay organized and well-informed, covering everything from breeding and boarding to health and competition records. Streamline your billing process, effortlessly monitor expenses, and efficiently oversee horse care – all within a user-friendly platform. Stay focused on your top priority – your horses – with iQlance as your trusted partner.

    • Easy connectivity
    • Easy media sharing
    • Profile creation
    • Events pop-ups

    Logistic Software Solutions

    iQlance delivers powerful logistics software solutions. We empower businesses to optimize their supply chains, automating tasks, streamlining operations, and ensuring real-time visibility. Our software reduces costs, boosts efficiency, and enhances customer satisfaction.

    • Categories wise Listing of vehicles
    • Driver Details
    • Job Bidding
    Check How We turn Your Idea into Innovative Product

    Our rich portfolio justifies that, we are one of the best app development company in USA

    Why Hire Top Dedicated Developers?

    Hiring an app development company you can easily increase the scope of your company along with increasing your chances to reach the clients. If you Hire Dedicated Developers who have knowledge about the latest technologies used in the industry, its proper implementation will help to improve the scope of your business. This will not only improve the quality of your products but also make your image a bit more positive in front of all the end-users. A dedicated team of iQlance will make sure that all the projects are completed on time and are error free.

    • Easy communication
    • Latest tools and technologies
    • Customized services
    • 24/7/365 assistance
    Secure Web Development

    Why Hire iQlance Dedicated Developers?

    We tend to keep everything transparent and strive hard to provide amazing outcomes for the sake of our clients. iQlance has an amazing reputation in the market, and it is the best platform to Hire Top Dedicated App Developers, who can deal with clients’ problems and requirements. The technology that you wish to use for your application does not matter as we are fluent in all of them and work extremely hard to provide clients with the best work according to their business requirements.

    • Save on app development
    • No hidden charges
    • Save valuable time
    • Quick project completion
    • Agile development methodology
    Ideation and Evaluation

    Why Should You Choose Us?

    There undoubtedly are a lot of companies that claim to be the best App Development Company California and promise you to provide the best services. But you need to understand that not everyone is what they claim to be. Below mentioned are a few reasons that will explain how we are better than everyone else in the market and why should you deal with us.

    • Known to work with latest technologies
    • The solutions offered are reasonable, cost-effective as well as quick
    • We understand our Customer’s vision and turn it into reality
    • The company does not charge any hidden charges from you
    • The applications designed can be rescaled anytime
    • We built the best application including different domains
    • Our team is always available to resolve any issue or query you might have
    • We also take care of providing you with updates on the application
    • We use a flexible approach to work

    In the software development industry, there is a curiosity amongst clients as to what is happening in the digital world. At iQlance, our team of app development California makes use of previous learnings and experiences combined with the latest technology for delivering proven results. Being a leading app development California company, we strive for continuing improvements based on the feedback we receive from clients.


    Client Satisfaction

    The top-most priority for iQlance is client satisfaction. Our team of top app developers California are experienced, expert, and trustworthy. They go the extra mile to come up with top-notch mobile apps that deliver the best possible results.

    Easy Communication

    Cost-effective Development

    The requirements of every client are different. We have mobile app development solutions for startups and large organizations as well. Clients hire dedicated app developers California from iQlance for cost-effective app development solutions.

    On – Time Delivery

    Complete Transparency

    Being a renowned app development company in California, we maintain complete transparency about everything. From the initial ideation to app deployment and maintenance, a dedicated project manager ensures complete transparency.

    Cost Effective Development Model

    Exceptional Quality

    iQlance is committed to delivering mobile apps that are unparalleled and feature-rich for businesses. Being a reputed mobile app development company in California, we do not compromise on the quality of any app development project.

    Agile Development

    Customer Support

    Our team strives to provide 24*7 superior customer support to our clients. The customer support offered by our in-house team ensures that all technical glitches are eliminated and every client is satisfied by our work.

    Dedicated Development Team

    Captivating Designs

    The UI/UX design is the very first thing that customers notice about a mobile app development company. Our cutting-edge front end and back end designs are highly creative, innovative, and beautiful.

    Quality – First Approach

    Experienced Professionals

    Hire app developers California from iQlance and access their skilled expertise in mobile app development. Whether a client is looking for modern UI designs, or best coding practices, they hire dedicated developers from iQlance and get the best results.

    Post-deployment Support

    Post-deployment Support

    Being one of the top names in app development California, we understand that clients may face technical and operational challenges after deployment as well. Keeping this in mind, we offer post-deployment support to clients.

    krunal Vyash

    Product Manager

    Krunal Vyas

    B.Eng., MBA, PMP®

    Ready to bring your innovative app & custom software idea into reality? Call me today to setup a free consultancy:

    iQlance – A one-stop destination for mobile app development

    Are you looking for an app development company in California that offers end to end comprehensive app development service? iQlance is a one-stop destination offering various app development services under one roof. Right from ideation to prototyping and publishing the app on the app store, iQlance has the expertise to do everything. By choosing iQlance as your mobile app development California partner, you can be rest assured about quality app development services. We have a professional team of app developers in California who have in-depth knowledge and expertise about the entire app development process. Hire dedicated developers California from iQlance and execute your app development idea to perfection.

    • State-of-the-art infrastructure
    • 24/7 support and maintenance
    • Propel your business forward
    • Reach your target audience easily
    Secure Web Development

    Dedicated team of app developers California to help fuel your business growth

    iQlance is a reliable and professional app development company in California. Our expert and experienced team of top app developers California develop highly scalable and feature-packed apps for Android and iOS. Our powerful applications and software help businesses to achieve their goals.

    We are a well-known mobile app development company in California. Our team of app developers California are experts in developing user-friendly mobile applications. We are open to work with every industry for software development. We offer robust solutions for entrepreneurs from various industries.

    When you hire us as your app development California partner, you get a talented and dedicated team of mobile app developers California, along with project managers, quality analysts, and UI/UX designers.

    Ideation and Evaluation
    Years of Experience
    Successful Projects Delivered
    Happy Clients World Wide
    Hours Invested
    5 Star
    Review On Clutch
    Dedicated Developers
    Client Retention
    Enterprise Projects
    Best Quality Delivery

    iQlance – Number Reflect Why We are a Leading Mobile App Development California Company

    iQlance has been in the mobile app development California market for more than 7 years. The numbers reflect why we are a preferred choice for many businesses in California and across the globe.

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