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Why React.js? 5 Reasons we love it


In the world of mobile app development, people look for shorter development cycles, quicker time to deployment and better app performance to be the leader in the industry. With two operating system dominating the landscape, businesses creating mobile apps often face challenges to provide better app experience, user engagement and much more. The task of building interactive user interfaces is tedious and tricky and requires tireless efforts, complete dedication and proper focus.

So, what can be the solution?

Of-course, no other than JavaScript framework can help to do everything with ease.

JavaScript ecosystem is very dynamic; new tools and libraries get updated regularly and hence user has the wide selection of features to pick up from. Although there are many frameworks that provides unexceptional benefits but React.js hits the market of being mainstream and is used  by number of large companies including Facebook, Netflix, AirBNB and much more.

How React.js came into existence?

React.js was created by Facebook! The company had issue with the load time on their Facebook Advertising Org; it required constant reloading that made load time of the pages very slow. During that period, Facebook came up with an idea of inputting only recent changes in DOM instead of rendering the entire coding on the webpage again.

rendering multiple component

What is React.js?

React.js is an easy to use open-source JavaScript library used for developing fast, simple and scalable web applications that uses changeable data without reloading the page. It enables to build renewable user interface components with the present data changes over time.

Benefits of working with React.js

Easy to use and easy to learn: js is an extremely easy to learn and master as it comes with great documentation, tutorials and training resources. React.js is not full featured framework but it has JavaScript open source GUI library that aims on particular things to accomplish the task. Developers who is having JavaScript background can easily understand React and can start with it in just few days. React.js enables the developers to develop feature-rich applications in short frame of time, thus saving productive hours.

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Reusable component: When you start to build application using React Framework, you need to develop user interface that looks and feels native. As each components has it’s own logic, it can be hassle-free to reuse whenever you need them. Hence, developing an app can be easier, resources can be used appropriately, results into less bugs, code maintenance is less and much more. Moreover, the component of the system is easily isolated as a result changes initiated in any of the component will not affect the others. This ensures that your components functions in a smooth and flawless manner and hence speed of the application development also increases which saves valuable time of developers.

The Virtual DOM: Virtual DOM is a lightweight and describes how your HTML should look like! It is very fast to generate, can be generated for every data change, stores the changes in a memory system before rendering the page.


The advantage of such an action is that whenever any change occurs in the actual DOM, the virtual DOM is changed instantly as it is located in the memory. DOM updates are not carried out on the regular basis and so, the speed of your app is never compromised due to DOM. By using virtual DOM, React provides following benefits

  • No coupling with DOM implementation
  • Completely declarative
  • Typically Faster

Great tool for developer: js comes with the tools that help to earn silver points from the developers. React developer tools for Chrome and Firefox are a browser’s extension for React that enables you to inspect the component’s hierarchy in a virtual DOM. After installing this extension, you can have direct look into the virtual DOM and you can select individual components by analyzing and editing the current properties and state. Moreover, it also provides the facility to track the hierarchy of any component and discover both parent and child component.


Easier to write JavaScript test cases: js uses special syntax called JSX, which helps to write component in a simpler way and allows you to mix HTML and JavaScript. Another best thing in using React.js is that, it makes the use of Native API and developer can use HTML in the render function without concatenating the strings; hence while working with the React.js, if you make an error, the system will tell precisely what is the concern, where the bug is in the code and how to fix it. Due to the fewer number of rules it follows, you can come up with a much cleaner and simpler source as compared to other technologies. It can prove to be quite efficient for developing custom components or high-volume applications.

SEO: Generally, it is considered that projects based on JS are not that SEO-friendly but js helps to build SEO friendly web application which aids to give edge to your business with the best results. It is easy for the search bots to crawl on the typical websites and since content is available without javascript – it is more accessible. This exclusivity allows developers to create UIs which perform outstanding across different search engines. Moreover Isomorphic JavaScript enables to use the same code for both client-side and server side of an application. This helps in increasing the speed especially working on the server-side components of an application. This approach enhances the possibility of search engine indexing your web pages and offering the better experience for the users.

One way data binding: This is one of the major difference between React.js and other frameworks. Instead of two-way abstraction, React uses one-way data flow which makes everything simpler and easier to follow. Generally two-way data binding models enables the data to flow back and forth between modules and directions; but React.js nullifies this issue, making it hassle-free to use.

should use React js

The conclusion

The React.js web development service is quintessential web solution that helps the brand to stand tall among st the competitors. Realizing it’s advantages, developers have already started to use this technology to create the outstanding user interfaces. To hit the bull’s eye in this competitive market, iQLance’s react.js web development service can help you with the user-friendly and customized react.js web applications as per your needs. We are always available to address your queries and concerns in the best possible way. Contact us today.

About the Author :

Kurnal Vyas

Krunal Vyas | IT consultant

Mr. Krunal Vyas is an entrepreneur & founder of iQlance Solutions – A leading web & mobile app development company. He is having 14+ years of experience in offering the splendid IT services to the worldwide clients. The informative articles he shares, reflect his skills in technical terms, project management and business development for the website & mobility solutions.

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