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Nutrition App

Brief Info

Recover and Refuel app is wonderful app for sports person and coach. Merge sports teams from Teamsnap API and suggest food based on match.


Fitness is very important now a days, so we develop and app which store daily schedule and get help you to book appointment for gym / trainer at your home /office




Recover and Refuel is an application that reminds athletes when what and how much to eat in relation to an upcoming sporting event. Application also covers features like Food Factors, Categories, Types and much more. Recover and Refuel is recommended for all Coaches, Sports Managers, Athletes and Sports Players. All users will sign in from the Recover and Refuel screen, but when they click to sign in it launches a TeamSnap Sign in Dynamic Overlay. If the Coach/Player had previously selected keep me signed in then this screen will only show during “loading”. The loading animation should be the meter red bar going from left to right slowly and only reach the “high” when fully loaded.

All Players can choose the Food Preferences and can toggle different food Types on and off. Multiple sections can be expanded at one time. Unless that taxes the server then only one section at a time. Player can also write in their own item. Image will be added to their list of choices can also be randomly added to game day recommendations. The write in section is always present, it may get pushed down when a menu is expanded, but should always be there. User types the name of their food (ie. Carrots) and sets the food type via the menu dropdown and chooses Vegetables for example. Now carrots will always be available to this player.


Player Readiness

Player can see their status on the Schedule and Coach and Players can see all Player’s readiness on the Player Readiness screen.


A coach can invite players from his/her team and an email should be sent to the player asking them to join application. The link will take the player/parent to the app store. The app store should know if the coach has purchased the app for $1.99 and should know to allow the player to download the app for free.


The single most important part of the application is the Alerts. Notifications or Received as smart phone notifications from the coach. When player clicks view they are taken to Nutrition page with the details. Emails o Received at the email addresses they have on file in TeamSnap and HTML based with images. Should look like the web page.

Schedule & Nutrition

Unlike the web site which combines Schedule & Nutrition the app will separate Schedule and Nutrition. The schedule will be pulled in from TeamSnap, but will only show games. Not “other” events. Will be in RR brand (green and orange colors).

Help Topics

Should be pulled or copied and pasted from TeamSnap API for forgot password, I can’t find my team. Cancel just takes you back a page Other Help topics will link to RR help page.


Coach/Player can choose from the list of menu options:
• Schedule & Nutrition
• Player Readiness
• Food Preferences
• Alerts
• Coach / Manager
• Invite

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