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ibeacon Apps Development

We Design, Build and Deliver Top Ranking ibeacon Apps.

iBeacon App Development Services

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) better known as iBeacon, is a new service from Apple which extends to location services in iOS. It provides best solutions where Wi-Fi, GPS connection are concerned.

IQlance expert iBeacon App Developers team provides compatible beacon technology solutions for clients globally. IQlance iBeacon development team has built numerous apps for diverse industries including Hotels, Malls, Super Markets etc.

Why choose iQlance as iBeacon App Development Partner

IQlance provides a platform with the help of iBeacon App Development for many companies globally. We want our client to enjoy complete satisfaction.

Our aim is to deliver best custom apps in iBeacon.

iBeacon App. Development Process

iBeacon App Development Process is a 6 step process that follows basic norms of SLDC. We start with:

  • Understand and Act: We dedicate resources to listen to your idea, brainstorm with you and help you develop a sound strategy
  • Design building: Our expert design team creates design that are both elegant and technically simple
  • Building Code: We adhere to strict IT industry guidelines and deadlines when it comes to writing code for your product
  • Testing: A holistic development approach is incomplete unless it has been tested soundly. Our team of testers and troubleshooters apply tools and methods to transform an app in its nascent stage into a wholesome and real product ready for use.
  • Promotion and launch: We have the right tools to market your app and launch it with the target audience.

iBeacon application development services from iQlance

  • Automated checkout
  • Location-based information
  • Mobile payments and real-time personalised promotions
  • Micro-location tracking
  • Heat maps
  • Layout optimization
  • Enhance sales traffic

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